Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Thought 45 Degrees Was Cold Yesterday...

...this morning it was 37 degrees when we left for Durwood's cardiologist appointment at 7:30.  (Before you ask, all is well.  The doc basically said "go away and don't come back."  I think this was an appointment to eliminate possible problems caused by his COPD and there really aren't any heart-related problems.  Yay!)  Thirty-seven degrees!  Can you believe it?  I dug out my wool shrug to wear.  Of course when we went outside an hour later the sweater was too warm (for me anyway, Durwood was just fine in his car coat) and it's supposed to be 68 later.  On Thursday it's supposed to be 85 and humid.  *head, slap* It's a roller coaster of weather, one of everything all in the same week.
The Mason St. Bridge was up when we were coming home and we were stopped close enough to the gap that I got pictures of the coal freighter going through the drawbridge.  In the top picture you can see the ship's bridge next to the drawbridge and in the bottom picture lower left just above the roadway is the big crane that shoots the coal out of the hold.  Seeing those ships in the middle of town never gets old.  And that's why I keep a dishcloth in progress in my car door pocket. 

I'm going to yoga again after work.  Yesterday we did an hour of yoga mostly sitting in a folding chair.  It was kind of odd but interesting, and I'm sure I'll get to do chair yoga tonight and then again on Saturday.  Tomorrow night's session is called Community yoga, it's one of the free (donation) 4-week sessions that teach the basics so you're not too much of a klutz in the regular classes that I only go to when my friend Mardi teaches them.  I like her classes better than the boss/owner's classes because our personalities match better, more yoga and less inner-weirdness, plus Mardi knits too so you know she's a much better person all around.  Although the boss/owner did leave a bag of ripe pears from her tree on the bench yesterday; I had one with my lunch and it was very good.  I'll have to thank her for that.

I didn't have any knitting time at work yesterday but I can't tell you what I did that filled up my day, and it WAS full.  I only had 2 customers and one was a new student so most of what she paid was class fees, I don't remember the other one.  I'm redoing the "course fees" sheet we refer to when we quote prices because there are more ways to earn certifications and the way it is now is a bit confusing, so I made calls to PADI Training for requirements and consulted with our sales rep for materials prices... however it happened I made 8 hours go away and I'll get paid for it.  That's a good thing, right?

September 16--Louis Comfort Tiffany, Garden Landscape.  Beauty lay around his feet in colorful shards.  He still held the bat in his hand but now the tip of it rested on the floor and he held the end loosely.  There were a few tiny drops of blood from cuts on his face and hands made by flying glass.  Jacob could still feel the impact of wood against glass and metal.  The crashing sounds rang in the room and the hot summer wind swept the air-conditioned cool out into the garden.  He was glad to have broken the old window, glad to feel it ground to dust under his boots.

Angry much?  Did you ever just want to destroy something?  To swing a bat or a stick or a sledgehammer and just smash it?  It seems like it might be something very cathartic.  Not that I've ever done anything like that.  Nope.  Not me.  And now I need to gather up my doodads and get myself off to work.  Mr. Boss is working for me so I didn't have to hurry through Durwood's doc visit.  Anyway, I'm outta here.

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Aunt B said...

Great good news from the doctor visit. There's always a little sense of dread before those appointments and then such a "whew" moment when it's over.