Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Sleeb!

I am learning the lure of knitting baby things.  Sleeves are fast.  I picked up the held stitches and a few in the underarm of the right sleeve of the Rocco Zander Cardi, knit a few rounds at work, and zoom! a sleeve appeared.  And that's with fingering yarn on US6 needles.  (we all know that I'm not much of a fan of yarn skinnier than worsted and my fingers don't work well with small needles, right?)  It isn't that blue, it's more navy with burgundy and pale gold, rich looking.  Now I need to think about buttons...

Searching on Ravelry makes all permutations possible.  I can narrow my search so that it shows me only projects that use the ingredients I like and have on hand.  That Ravelry, it's an enabler and a time suck.  I can surf patterns and time just passes...  it's lovely.  Someone should make a site like it for fabric crafts too.  Not me, of course, because I know less than nothing about programing but someone should look into it.  (Get on that, will ya?)

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