Sunday, September 1, 2013

Running Around Like A Crazed Weasel

It was about 10:30 last night when Durwood told me that the new renters planned to come between 7 and 8 o'clock this morning to get the keys, do the walk-though, and start moving in.  Eek.  So I set my alarm for 6:00, got up, and got dressed to go over and make sure it was ready.  I poured some oil absorbent on the garage floor since her inoperable riding lawn mower spent the months leaking there, moved her last box o'trash to the curb, and rolled the old portable dishwasher into our garage (tight squeeeeeze) until I have time to take it to the junk.  They came right after 8 o'clock so we walked through (need a new toilet seat and to caulk where the Formica counter is cracked) and then I handed them the keys and clicker and welcomed them home.  Yesterday morning I got out the Goof Off and cracked open a leftover can of paint and painted over the stripe of yellow that showed under the shallower range hood on both sides.  Whew.  I am so glad the deed is done and they've got the keys and I can relax about it--some. 

We went to TT's wedding yesterday.  The ceremony was way out in Greenleaf in a century old church which was lovely with glowing wood and stained glass (but no a/c, thank god it wasn't too hot) and their minister was an older lady who was so happy to be marrying them.  I was afraid it'd be too sad since both of her folks have died (and they were younger than me) but the smiles stayed pasted on (for the most part).  The dinner afterwards was at a nice banquet hall south of town.  The food was good, the appetizer meatballs made the trip worthwhile, and Durwood and I left before the dancing even got started.  (you know you're old when you skip cake and dancing because the music's too loud, I'm so disappointed in myself.)

The sky's clearing and the sun's coming out so I have high hopes for us going to the Kites over Lake Michigan festival in Two Rivers this afternoon.  DS & DIL1 plan to stop over soon to give me my birthday hugs (and a present!) then we'll probably load up and go.  I also want to roast a bunch of our garden tomatoes with onions, herbs, a little garlic, and some olive oil to then put through the food mill and freeze for tomato sauce this winter.  That's what DS & DIL1 do with theirs and I want to try it since I saw pans of it at their house and it looked scrumptious.  I may not do it today but I've got the next 2 days off so it'll get done before the tomatoes rot.  (heh, like any tomatoes ever rot in this house with Tomato Boy gobbling them up)

September 1--Domenico Tiepolo, Satyr Leading a Centaur, Who Carries a Club, Bow and Quiver, Outside the Walls of the City.  Hooves made a distinctive sound on the rocky path.  Cleo paused in hanging out the wet laundry to listen.  She kept a few men's shirts and socks that she washed along with her own clothes so a passerby wouldn't know just by looking that she lived alone.  Summer had finally taken hold after a hard-fought battle with a spring that had lingered wet and cold deep into June.  She had opened the doors and windows of her small cabin on the edge of the clearing to let the warm, dry wind sweet out the long winter's stuffiness.  Craving the fragrance of clothes dried in the sun, she had run a load in the washer to hang on the line before fixing the deer and critter fence around her garden.  The soil was finally warm enough to plant.

Hmm, interesting.  I didn't know where I was going when I wrote that first sentence but I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next tonight.  I hope you're making the most of the holiday weekend.  Roast a wienie for me!

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