Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reservations Made

Durwood and I spent a bit of yesterday afternoon poring over maps, tour books, travel guides, and the Internet to find reasonably priced places to stay on our vacation next month.  (it's in 3 weeks and 3 days!  holy crap!)  We called Durwood's brother and sister-in-law for suggestions around Greenville, SC, reminded DD to get us a room in Lexington, KY (she has a contact and mothers nag, uh, remind), and told Aunt B when we'd be rolling in.  The closest we could get to Great Smoky Mountain National Park and find a room we can afford was Knoxville, TN which is about 25 miles from the park.  That should be okay.  We were kind of bummed that there's no lodging in the park like there is in Yellowstone.  They need to get on that.  The fall colors should be in full glory by the time we get there.  In fact, I've noticed the first inkling of autumn on the maple tree in the last few days.  As happy as I am to have cooler weather on the way (but not today, it's going to be hot and muggy today) I'm sad to see the leaves start to change.

I probably shouldn't say it but I think my muscles are resigned to the fact that I'm taking them to yoga and making them stretch and work.  I'm not quite as achy this morning as I have been and maybe, just maybe, my shoulder's a little better.  I'm walking Porter later, I have a chiro appointment at 3 PM, and then I'm going to yoga (again) at 5:30.  Hey, I want to wring every class out of my "30 days for 30 bucks" I can.  (ugh, hot flash, aren't I over those?)

September 10--Kitigawa Utamaro, The Oiran Yoso-oi Seated at Her Toilet.  She wanted the most complex hairstyle with lots of layers and picks.  It took so much time they had to begin at noon for her to be ready for her appearance at the dinner at seven.  Yoshi felt her fingers tremble as she laid out the combs and the puffs she needed to begin.  She carried the basket of pomades and gels along to the dressing area, making sure that there was incense lit.  Never pine, her mistress said, pine was too masculine according to Miss Nanki Po.  Yoshi was surprised to learn that fragrance had a gender but she was only a poor farm girl, not a sophisticated city girl.

Time to go start my day.  Durwood's making soup today, I think, so I need to make sure I get the canning kettle up from the basement for him, and anything else he needs before I run off.  Have a ... day.


vjicha said...

You are going to love Great Smokey National park. We were there in June and really enjoyed it. Have a great time.

Aunt B said...

Counting down the days. Your trip sounds wonderful and I'm so happy that we're on your itinerary. See you soon! (Nice to be able to type that phrase)