Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hump Day!

I love that camel commercial, don't you?  Hump Day!  I love how the camel looks walking through that office and I love when he says, "Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike..."  I also like the sound of the mandolin and the look of its player, but it's the camel that has stolen my heart.  Hump Day!

There was a new teacher at yoga last night.  Well, I don't think she's a  new teacher, she was a different teacher.  She was okay, soft spoken, and very helpful with props and adjustments, although she did try to push me into a deeper pose at one point (I hate that; adjust me, fine, push me, no) but I asked her politely not to push so she stopped.  Tell me what to do and I'll do it, but don't lay hands on and push me.  There were 6 of us in class, all women, and she was amazed to find that there had been a full dozen of us the week before.  I think all the classes reaped the benefit of the 30 days for 30 bucks sale and now that the month's almost over people are dropping off.  I know I'm feeling yoga-whelmed but a week from today will be my last 30 for 30 class day so I'm pushing on to the bitter end.  (Stubborn much?)  There was a lot of  sky out when I left the studio last night and the little puffs of clouds were tinted pale pinkish orange so of course I had to take a raft of photos.  The sky was even better when I was crossing the bridge but, once again, my camera was in the back seat so I was saved from trying to snap photos while driving a car.  Whew.

I got all but 2 jars of the soup and the canning kettle moved downstairs yesterday and this morning.  Now the kitchen can recover it's pre-factory organization and Durwood can focus on getting ready for our trip.  Did I mention that we're going on a trip?  (Only every day for the last month, right?)  Sorry, I get excited.  I'm excited to see DD & DIL2 for a few days (I'm having coffee in my "blue horse" mug today), to see more mountains (older shorter ones), RJ & K, and Aunt B.  Oh, I have to call Uncle Walt to make sure they'll be home and available the night we're staying in Indy so we can have supper with them.  I'll do that this weekend.  Better make a note.

I glanced out at the garden yesterday afternoon and noticed that a squirrel evidently thought I was hiding the best nuts inside the hanging pepper planter.  It's... it's ventilated.  Do you think if I left it hanging there a walnut tree will grow out of it?  Sheesh.  Maybe a squirrel fell in through the hole in the top and fought its way out.  Whatever happened I don't think it's fixable.  (That's okay, I think they're kind of lame anyway.  I don't know why, it's a clever idea and I like those.)

Can anyone remind me what these pink flowers are?  I have one little stalk and damned if I remember what it is.  Thanks.

September 25--Dubois et Couturier, Cor Solo.  All that was left was the horn.  Everything else burned.  Nan stood on the sidewalk with the coil of belled brass in her hand glaring at the few remaining two-by-fours poking at the sky like black fingers.  The smell was overpowering--wet and rotten and burnt.  She didn't think she'd ever get it out of her nose.  She had been asleep when a stranger beating on the door yelling "Fire! woke her.  The smoke was choking and her room seemed to have rearranged itself, but she found clothes and shoes, grabbed the horn, and tumbled out the window into the forsythia.

Okay, kidlets, it's time for breakfast and a shower so I can go off and save the world from SCUBA diving.  Mr. Boss called yesterday asking for help on the cash register.  I can stand there and do it 100 times without thought but do you think I could tell him how to do it over the phone?  No, of course I couldn't.  Gah.

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Aunt B said...

Some commercials are actually better than the shows. And more memorable. In fact, I'll sometimes like a commercial but can't think what it's selling. Counting down the days until your visit. You're going to love Wilmington. XXX