Monday, September 23, 2013

Proof That My Right Knee is Way Older Than the Rest of Me

I don't know what the theme of yoga class was today but for me it was "make Barbara kneel until her wrists ache and her knees are screaming."  (Aleve to the rescue, as soon as it kicks in anyway.) Yeah, not my favorite way to start a Monday... but it'll get better because I'll be going to yoga again tomorrow and Wednesday and Saturday, probably doing the same routines tomorrow and Saturday.  So I should get better at it, right?  I suspected that class would be like that because my right knee started complaining and feeling stiff when I got up.  Bah.  I'm the boss of my knee, not the other way around.

As soon as I got here to work, even before I ate my breakfast, I got out a Swiffer duster and went out to remove the curtain of spiderwebs covering my windshield.  It's very sunny this morning and I was driving east so it was glinting off the strands as I drove.  Pretty but kind of creepy and distracting.  I don't begrudge the spider(s) a place to live, I just want to be able to see out the windshield.  Safety first.

Durwood got 2 more batches of soup made yesterday for a total of 31 quarts and 7 pints so far.  He's got a few more tomatoes to cook up today and then he says he's done since it's time to start getting ready to run away from home for a couple weeks.  In 10 days.  Yikes.

Did you know that lilies of the valley make berries?  I didn't either but look.  This is the bed of lilies of the valley right outside the patio door with the sedum blooming away and the ferns dying back.  See the pretty orange berries?  Those are from lily of the valley.  You learn something every day.  If you're lucky.

September 23--Thomas Eakins, The Dancing Lesson.  Braying laughter echoed down the hall from the front room.  Uncle Leo was so loud that whenever he was in the house Teeney was sure that the paint would blister right off the walls.  No amount of Mama shushing him made him be quiet.  "My lands, Leo," she would say, "the cows in the south forty can hear you and I'm certain you've rattled Mrs. Stein's china across the lane."  Uncle Leo just laughed harder.  "Oh, Lil, you'd think I was sick if I turned up quiet one day."  He'd give her a rough, one-armed hug around her shoulders that shook a couple hairpins loose, turn the radio up loud, and then danced her around the room until she squealed.

I have to work.  Or at least do enough to get the notes that Mrs. & Mr. Boss left on the desk for me out of the way.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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Aunt B said...

You are one determined girl! I'm not sure I'd stick with yoga if it makes your knee hurt that bad. Maybe you should take up tai chi.