Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Today!

Woohoo!  Pretty soon I'll be picking up Porter for our walk along the river trail then I get to come back and tackle the laundry.  Woohoo.  This weekend we need to start planning and packing.  I checked the looong range weather in various places we'll visit and all they had were averages but that at least gives me something to aim at.  Looks like I should plan for the 70s in the day and 50s at night but I'll toss in a hoodie and a couple tank tops just to be safe.  It occurred to me yesterday that Aunt B lives by the ocean.  The Atlantic OCEAN.  I love oceans.  I love waves and the salty smell and the sand and all the little critters.  I wonder if I should pack a swimsuit and my snorkel gear.  I wonder...  hmm, maybe I'll contact a dive shop in her area to ask about water temps and conditions.  (What a good idea, Barbara.)  I'm not hauling all my dive gear on the off chance I could do one dive but I'd flop in the ocean for a snorkel if I had the chance.  That gear wouldn't take up much room.

The maple tree in the front yard is changing colors--fast.  There were a few orange and yellow leaves last week and now there are red ones mixed in with the green, orange and yellow.  Durwood says our tree is changing faster than all the rest but I think there are a lot of them doing the same thing.  I guess it makes sense since it's the last weekend of September.  IT'S THE LAST WEEKEND OF SEPTEMBER, you guys.  Holy sh*t.  (heh, that means that in only 3 more months we'll have a grandbaby, which means that DS & DIL1 will truly be grownups *sigh*)

I also need to plan what knitting I'm taking along.  I was thinking about packing the 2 sweaters for me that have been hibernating forever to see if I can't finish them.  Of course I'll be taking smaller, grandbaby-type things to knit along the way too.  Good thing Durwood's van has lots of room for stuff.

September 27--American, The Souper Dress.  Who would ever imagine a soup can label as a cultural icon?  But there it was, that ubiquitous red and white label as pop art, even as clothing, for god's sake.  That paper dress was good for a single wearing, and what if it rained or someone spilled a drink on the girl?  Even looking at it now so far removed from its day it evokes straight hair with a center part, pale lipstick almost white, and white plastic, knee high, go-go boots.  All that nostalgia from a can label.

Andy Warhol really started something, didn't he?  Okay, time to grab some yogurt for breakfast, dress, and go get the dog.  Time to walk.  Enjoy your Friday, and anyone willing is more than welcome to come here and do laundry.  Anytime.

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Aunt B said...

That maple tree looks beautiful. We'll definitely go over to Wrightsville Beach when you're here so you can at least dip your toes in the ocean. Snorkeling??? Not sure about that.