Thursday, September 19, 2013

Living At Breakneck Speed

Maybe that should be the title of this blog, since I skidded into yoga last night with mere seconds to spare AND I didn't get a speeding ticket on the way.  Although there was a moment there when I saw the Allouez cop sitting crouched in his prowl car in an empty mall driveway waiting for unsuspecting speeders (me).  I was nearly at the turnoff for the yoga studio, I held my breath and he didn't catch me.  Heh, I was only doing 40 in a 25 zone.  Past a playground.  (What?  There weren't any kids around, it was 5:30 PM and all the little darlings were in having their suppers.)

I am so glad that I've bought music CDs from Amazon all these years.  Wanna know why?  I just went into my Kindle Fire Music Cloud and EVERY SINGLE CD I've ever bought from them over the years is now available on my Kindle.  Hot damn!  All those jazz CDs and the Caribbean ones, stuff I've bought as gifts, classical and opera, a little folk and very little rock, all of it right there at my fingertips.  There will be playlist making going on today.  In fact, I just made a Caribbean & Cuban one and it's playing right now.  Ahhh.  There may be head-bobbing going on even as we speak.  (NOT head-banging, how old do you think I am???)

Where was I?  Oh, yeah.  It was 4:55 PM, I had changed into my yoga duds and was just preparing to count out the till when ES and his student came into the store.  Turns out she didn't like the fins she chose after all, they felt too big, and wanted to try on other ones.  Grrr.  (she couldn't have decided that the day before???)  Did I mention that she is 21 and nearly incapable of making a decision?  Double Grrrr.  Of course the next smaller size of the same fins she had were too small (that would have been too easy, am I right?) so I grabbed one of the next price point up (she's a poor college student, we were all there once) and crammed it on her foot.  Luckily ES came over and "sold" her on the fin and fit so I could put them aside with a note that she'll deal with the exchange tomorrow, count the money, and beat it out of there.  Naturally TD had come in not 15 minutes earlier with an envelope of cash from UWGB students buying books so I had nearly $400 of 20s, 10s, and 5s to count.  Arrgh.  (Hey, it's "Talk Like A Pirate" Day.  Anybody got an eyepatch?  I've got a bandanna so I'm good there.)  As I flung the money into the safe and grabbed up my bags to tear out of the store ES said, "Namaste," and I retorted, "yeah, Om to you too."  But I don't think I used my Buddha voice, in fact I can guarantee I didn't.  But dear Mardi waited to start class until I skidded in at the last second (thank you so much!) so I bent and stretched and sweated and smart-assed (just a little) for an hour and came home feeling very bendy and much more relaxed.  Durwood didn't make soup after all yesterday so I got to watch this awesome program about plants and animals on NatGeoWild with him and knit a tiny bit.  The day was saved. 

Today Mrs. Boss is back from Idaho helping her mom pack to move but she's leaving tomorrow for a week's diving vacation in Cayman Brac with E&JS and I think one other person.  (sucks to be her, huh?)  I've still got my fingers crossed that Mr. Boss doesn't get called back to the nuke plant until the week after next so he can work her days next week and I can go back to normal-ish (there're still 2 more yoga-intense weeks to live through but it'll be easier with fewer work days, less pay too it's true, but I can deal, I'm starting Social Security, remember?  I'm so excited!  sorry I'm a dork.).

September 19--Niccolo di Pietro, Saint Ursula and her Maidens.  There were thirteen of them.  Thirteen young women all bawling their eyes out over the shooting and Charlie had to interview every one.  His first thought was to wonder why women traveled in packs.  He remembered trying to get a certain redhead away from her twittering friends to ask her out.  One date, that's all they'd had before he realized that beauty had nothing to do with being able to make conversation.  "Wilson," Detective Samms said, "before we're senile..." nodding in the direction of the huddled women.  Charlie shook his head and went to cut one of the weeping women out of the herd.  Should he go tallest to shortest?  Prettiest to plainest?  Maybe the one only pretending to cry should be first.

Thunder woke me up around 8:30 and a storm rolled in.  We had about an hour of rain and now the sun's out.  Bet it's hot and humid out there--and I told Durwood I'd go out and pick his raspberries.  Oh well, I like to sweat, right?  Yeah, sorta.  More maple leaves are turning too.  Can't they stay green a bit longer?  Please?  Anyway, enough for one day, I'm off.

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Aunt B said...

I HATE that when someone comes in two seconds before quitting time! But glad you made it to yoga -- and didn't get a speeding ticket!