Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gonna Be A Crazy Day

Hi!  I'm up and sitting right now but it might be the last sit for me for a lot of today.  Pretty soon I'll pick up Porter for a walk, then go to the bank, pick up an Rx for Durwood, mow the lawn, get my nails done, and go to yoga.  While I'm getting Durwood's pills I have to pick up a potpie or some other quick supper item because he's off to one of those investment lecture/suppers so I'll be on my own.  Man, I'm tired just typing all that.  But it's going to be a gorgeous day so I won't mind being outside a bunch.

As much as I wish the days would stay long, I like seeing the sun rise when I get up early.  This morning there's a sliver of moon high up in the sky and the scattering of little clouds looked just gorgeous with their bottoms all rosy.  Don't you agree?

The other night I cast on a baby sweater and got to a "counting" spot at work yesterday only to discover that I was 20 stitches off.  Twenty!  How could that be?  So I tinked (k-n-i-t backwards) the row and recounted.  I had the right number of stitches.  So then I counted on the pattern to see how many stitches the next row meant me to have.  +20.  Hmm.  I checked a different version of the same pattern (it's a free one with a lot of different variations) but the math defeated me, so I printed out a version to study at home.  That didn't work either and in studying it I realized that I probably didn't have enough yarn anyway.  Grrr.  So I frogged (ripped = ribbit) it all and looked for a different pattern that I do have enough yarn for.  Knitting's so relaxing... yeah, right.

October 1 (good God, October already!)--Ettore Sottass, "Carlton" Room Divider.  Light shining through the room divider cast a maze of shadows on the opposite wall.  Dinah was tempted to get a piece of chalk to trace the outline to keep it like a piece of art.  The ultra modern construct was why she'd rented the place.  It was in an old mid-80s building that had never really been good but that hint of genius had intrigued her.  The mystery and whimsy of it made her think of rooms she saw on design shows, the ones where the designers were more concerned with form over function, but Carlton worked on every level.  He divided the space and held her books; he even caught her keys and purse when she came in from work.  It had a label on the top piece that looked like a stick man; that's how she knew its name was Carlton.

Okay.  It's 7:15 and if I hurry I can get a jump on my day and not be totally tapped out by suppertime.  That made no sense, but you know what I mean.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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Aunt B said...

When I tried to learn to knit, I got so tense and up tight that I gave it up. Not relaxing for me at least -- and sounds like for a little while, it wasn't relaxing for you either!