Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby Sweaters Galore

frogged this version
Remember all those high-minded words about finishing the 2 sweaters I have OTN last month?  Yeah, well they're packed and ready to load into the van for our trip and I needed (wanted) something to knit so I cast on one 5 Hour Baby Sweater, got 26 rows in and discovered an error I was too frustrated to work out so I frogged that attempt.  I printed off another version of the pattern to use to try to make the first one right but decided to just knit that one.  I cast it on night before last.

second try

In looking at baby sweater patterns I found this Spud & Chloe Hello Baby Cardigan pattern.  I like it.  I like that it's white (not that I can't knit any sweater in white yarn) and I like the I-cord edging.  Since the grandbaby's supposed to make its appearance around the holidays I thought a white sweater with red piping would be a good thing.  Red Heart Soft Yarn's on sale at Michael's this week.  I stopped on my way to work for a skein, although it's not feeling as soft as I'd like now that I've got a bit knitted up, maybe Lion Brand Wool Ease would have been a better choice.  I can always do one out of that if this ends up being too acrylic feeling.

D'you think I've cast on enough to prevent me from having to work on those sweaters-for-me yet?  I'm not sure, but suspect I'm getting close.

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