Saturday, October 5, 2013

Go, Horsie, Go!

Our drive to Lexington was relatively uneventful except for a 10 mile downpour coming into Milwaukee on Thursday night.  Durwood was his steady self and got us through just fine.  We spent the night in an ancient, but clean motel in Kenosha and then zoomed off toward Lexington on Friday morning.  Durwood drove us through Chicago and I got us to Indy, then we swapped off the rest of the way whenever the driver got tired or antsy--or I had to pee.  We got here around 7 PM, called DD, grabbed a quick supper, and pretty much crashed.  Driving's tiring.

Today DD and I went to the (her) fabric store where I found some snap tape to finish the Rocco sweater and there was this linen on sale plus there's DD's employee discount so I got a lot for not too much.  Score!  Then there were grab-bags of buttons half-price, a couple might have come home with me.  After lunch we went to The Red Mile, the harness racing track for the afternoon.  It was hot and humid but we scored 3 chairs under an overhang so we didn't get fried.  DD won the most, I won once (40 cents plus my two buck bet back which I promptly bet and lost on the next race), and Durwood not at all.  But we had unlimited fun and got to spend the afternoon together outside until the storm clouds rolled in, thunder and lightning arrived, and rain came, so we left.  Now we're waiting for a call from DIL2 who is busy getting a show ready for the road and can spare us this evening mealtime.  Thank goodness the girl has to eat or we wouldn't get to see her at all--and that'd be bad 'cause we like her.

I confess I haven't written a prompt either of the nights we've been away.  Maybe one of these days.  Toodle-oo.

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Aunt B said...

You are excused. After all, you're on vacation so there's got to be some kind of chore or work or something that you get to skip! So glad you're having fun with the KY girls.