Thursday, October 31, 2013

'Tis A Dark And Rainy Day

Perfect for Halloween, don't you think?  Also if you look closely at the photo beside these words you can see that the squirrels are already gnawing on the power cord of the birdbath heater.  I need to tape some wire mesh over that before they get beyond the sleeve.  Demon rodents.

God, it's already the end of October, can you believe it?  I'm sure DIL1 is praying that the days fly until the end of the year so that the baby comes sooner rather than later especially since her cousin, K&GZ's little guy, Owen, arrived on Tuesday.  I'm pretty anxious to see our little guy/gal too so... fly, days, FLY!  This Saturday's the baby shower in Shawano so I went to the card store and found some cute wrapping paper and some cards, then I got all the knitted stuff washed and patted into shape so it's drying downstairs on the foam pads.  DIL1's SIL, AZ, is expecting too and due about the same time so it's a joint shower.  Ooh, knitting for two babies at once.  Tonight after supper (Durwood's making Chinese Chicken Meatballs on sauteed bok choy, I can't wait) I'll get out the tissue paper and get it all boxed up and wrapped, that way I'll be all done and ready more than a day before the party.  (I'm impressed with myself, aren't you?)  I just have one little thing left on the needles and I'll have that finished by quitting time today, unless I'm inundated by pesky customers, that is.  I can deal, I'm nothing if not flexible.  (also a bit self-deluded, if truth be told, but I will be ready in time *firm nod* I will)

Porter and I had a nice walk yesterday along the trail.  We got a bit of a late start so that might explain the lack of other people on there but it was nice being almost the only creatures there.  My low back was aching something fierce during the walk and I suspected that it was due to sitting in the van for 2 weeks and nearly 2700 miles, which Dr. Paula confirmed at my visit later.  She also admonished me to "keep walking," finger shake and all.  I will.  Cross my heart.  Porter depends on me.

Durwood had a nice bag of peels and squash entrails for the chickens.  They were huge fans of the squash seeds, even forgoing the pecking order to eat them, although they seem to be more of a flock than us vs.them lately.  DS says they're all laying again too, that's good.

October 31--Paul Gauguin, Tahitian Women Bathing.  He stood int he shadows at the edge of the jungle and watched the three women.  He had heard their soft voices as he walked the path wondering if he was hearing things.  Most of the time he felt superior to the natives and their superstitions but the longer he lived on the island the more he believed that spirits lived there too.  That morning he had packed a notebook and a few pencils in a pouch and set off for a sacred place they talked about.  He meant to make observations that would debunk their superstitions with reason and science but now he wasn't so sure.  The three women seemed to be performing a ritual, burning leaves wafting fragrant smoke across the clearing,

And that's where inspiration crapped out.  I have so much trouble writing about Gauguin's Tahiti paintings.  My first and strongest instinct is to rant about how much of a perv he had to be.  I mean really, you can see it on the women's faces how uncomfortable they are in his presence.  *throws up hands*  I give up.  I have to work today, what'll I dress up as?  *taps lips with finger*  I know, a knitter.  Done and dusted.  Talk to you tomorrow.


Bob said...

Barb, you're instinct about Gaugin being a bad actor is so right. He was not a nice man. Or a kind man.

Aunt B said...

Oh, those pesky squirrels!! They can do sooooo much damage. When that one got into the house years ago when we were gone...... well, I shudder even now remembering the chaos we came home to. I stopped describing them as "cute" after that!