Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Ran Away From Home Today

Not for long, only overnight.  I told you I was going to do it in yesterday's blog post and I did.  First I left home at O-dark-thirty (oh, okay, it was 6:45 AM but it seemed like night) to meet the dive guys for breakfast and then take the university students' money while the guys doled out the bags of gear I'd organized yesterday at work.  It was much easier that Mrs. Boss talked me through all the discount calculating, etc. earlier in the week so I made "running tabs" for all of them so I just had to poink their name and take their money.  Easy peasy.

It was about 8:45 by the time they all left so I zoomed home, packed my toothbrush, some clean underwear, the laptop, my tea, and a banana and fled town by 10:00 after stopping for birdseed and a muffin for tomorrow morning.  No, not in the same store.  Tsk.

It was windy, really windy, partly sunny, and chilly today,  but I didn't care as long as it wasn't raining or snowing.  I got to Sister Bay just after noon (okay, okay, I stopped at Spin, the yarn shoppe in Sturgeon Bay), checked into room 7 at the Edge of Town Motel, and tooled on up the road to The Clearing where my pal KS was spending the afternoon as the greeter and tour guide in the Lodge.  We talked about my vacation and her knitting class, shared cold pizza, and knitted.  Then I got to help her lock all the room doors because today was the last day of the summer residential season.  I felt important. By then it was after 5 o'clock and she had other duties elsewhere so she drove off, I took a spin around the labyrinth, and then came to the room where I've read and listened and just generally goofed off all by myself.  It's relaxing, you should try it.

October 25--Circle of Antonio Lombardo, Eurydice.  She stepped on the snake.  Just like that, she stepped down on the serpent.  It coiled around her ankle and its tail thrashed the ground making the dried grass rattle.  She looked down and crooned to it, lifting it, telling it she was sorry.  It lay passive in her hands, not limp, not lashing her, not biting her.  I was frozen in place, my eyes looked at her calf expecting to see two trails of blood ooze from a snakebite but there wasn't one.

That's it for me.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Maybe.

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Aunt B said...

Fun day -- all your own!!! Glad you could have that little private getaway! Good for you.