Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Get To Walk Porter This Morning

Yay!  I'm looking forward to scuffing through the leaves on the trail and talking to the dog as we walk along.  It might be a short walk because my left knee's already complaining--maybe it just needs a bit of exercise, yeah, I'm sure that's it.  Then this afternoon Durwood and I are going over to check out the new Costco and get our membership cards straightened out.  See, a couple guys stopped into the dive shop around the end of September selling memberships so I signed us up and I got a $10 gift card for doing it.  (score!)  A week or so later I got a hand-addressed  envelope from Costco with the insert sheet (you know, with those little corner slits for the card to rest in) but NO card.  I tried calling them to get it straightened out but got caught in a robo-answering whirlpool and hung up in frustration.  We'll get it straightened out later today.  RJ & K took us, separately, to Costcos in South Carolina and I think they're very Sam's-y but DS tells me that they fly in fresh seafood on the weekends; that alone makes the membership worthwhile.  I could go for some fresh salmon baked in honey-soy marinade right now.  Well, not RIGHT now, it's 7 o'clock in the dark morning, but you know what I mean?

DS didn't have a lucky evening last night.  His job is very busy and keeps him hopping, and after work he had a 13 year old young man to hurry through the pool skills so he can join the UWGB students' certification dives this coming weekend.  When the kid got to the dive shop (a bit late) turned out he hadn't quite finished the final exam online, which meant that he couldn't take the quick quiz which he needs to do before being able to be certified.  I suggested that he log on right then and finish the last 3 questions which he did.  I fit the Dad for a wetsuit and went home.  DS called me at about 7 PM to say that he didn't have his store key on his work keys keyring and was there another key around he could use?  I said yes, it's in the safe--but do you think I could remember the combination?--no, of course not.  So I told him to not set the alarm, lock the front door, and go out the back because there isn't a knob on the outside of that door, and I'd drive to the store, fetch the key, and deliver it to him at the YM.  Durwood put the brakes on the spaghetti and I took off.  All the way to the store I kept trying to remember the combination so by the time I got there I had no chance.  I poked at the numbers a couple times but I knew if I goofed up 3 times I'd be locked out so I had to call Mrs. Boss in Idaho (for god's sake), she giggled and told me.  I got the key, set the alarm, and drove to the YM where I spied Divemaster KC just climbing the stairs to go in to do DS's student's dad's refresher, so I handed over the key, explained, and drove home.  Around 9:30 the phone rang and it was DS again, calling to thank me for charging to his rescue but also to say that he'd gone out to his company van after the pool session to discover he had a flat tire that he had to change before he could put the dive gear away and go home.  Not his night.  I told him that I knew why his evening had been so bollixed up--it was 2 years ago yesterday, the 22nd, that Mom died.  Colored my whole day and evidently screwed his up royally.  Thanks a lot, Mom.  I'll pick up the key when I go get Porter for
our walk and put it back in the safe later when I have to go in on my day off to meet a guy coming through town to drop off some stuff that needs service.  Oh well, Costco's pretty close to the dive shop so we'll go there and be done in time for me to meet the guy.  *throws hands in the air*  I can see right now that this is not going to be a relaxing, lay around day off.  NOT.

October 23--France, Paris, Suit.  The fabric of the jacket was stiff with floral embroidery.  William stood in front of the mirror imagining the soft pink hands of the seamstresses caressing the silk stretched across their laps.  He ran his hand down the jacket feeling the cool silk glide under his fingers.  The music from downstairs drifted through the door carrying laughter and voices.  It should have lured him down but he was too pleased with the way he looked to go just yet.  "I thought I'd find you here admiring yourself instead of greeting your guests."  Davis closed the door behind him and pressed the muzzle of a pistol to the back of William's head.  "That isn't necessary, " said William.  "Oh, I think it is.  It's a shame to ruin that beautiful silk but it can't be helped."  The shot was so muffled by distance that there was no gap in the conversations and it was nearly midnight before anyone went to see why William had never come to his own party.

Eesh.  I didn't see that coming.  Durwood just called out that the birdbath is steaming.  Gotta be damned cold for that to happen.  Better check to make sure there's enough water in it.  I'm off... and not only that, I'm leaving.


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Aunt B said...

Two years of missing Marl. But life goes on -- and sometimes it's complicated!!!