Thursday, October 3, 2013

Timing -- I've Got It

I meant to come home from work yesterday and repot the little rosemary plant so it can live indoors while we're gone and not get frozen if it frosts.  Did I remember?  No.  When did I remember?  Why, just as it started to rain this morning, that's when.  Happily I scrounged up a pot with a saucer and a little bag with a few cups of potting mix in it so I didn't have to pot the poor thing in dirt from the garden and a few sprigs of thyme came too, as did the world's biggest, blackest spider.  I mean, I saw that there was a web linking the pot with the rosemary to the one with the basil but I didn't realize that Aragog (the giant, acromantula spider from Harry Potter) had moved in.  Luckily I was half asleep so I only moved my hand and it skittered off.  It was too early to eek! and leap.  Too early and way too drizzly.  Although I did manage to pour half a bucket of icy water onto my right shoe and foot shortly thereafter.  It's a Croc (whew) so I'm not sitting here with one soaked shoe and foot, just dampish ones.

I did get a few things more organized and got the important things (my knitting and the snacks & water) into the van.  I clambered up in the garage and got the small cooler down for carrying cheese and fruits for lunches along the way.  I programmed all our destinations into Robert, the TomTom GPS, and put him into his mount in the van so all I have to do is select our next target and zoom! off we go.  We sat after supper with pill bottles and supplement bottles and the pill keepers and counted and sorted all our pills.  I'm happy to think that I only HAVE to take 3 of them, 2 prescriptions and one supplement, for normal living (the rest are just vitamins and hearsay).  That's quite enough for now.

Naturally I had the devil of a time falling asleep last night.  Too much running around in my head, I'm sure.  I think I managed before the clock struck twelve, but 6:05 and 6:31 came mighty early.  (I have 2 alarms, one beside the bed and the other across the room, I'm a reluctant riser.)  I like having gotten up early, I just don't especially care for the actual getting up part.  Once I'm up, I'm up and moving but motivation is a tenuous thing at 6:something o'clock in the barely light morning.  Pretty soon it'll be darkdarkdark at that time of the morning and it'll be coldcoldcold, then I'll really feel put upon, but before I know it it'll start getting lighter and lighter and warmer and warmer, my spirits will rise and (sound of angels) Spring will come around again.  See?  Nothing to it.  (yeah, I can talk big on the warm end of the season but just you wait until the middle of January when it's darker than a stack of black cats and colder than a well digger's ass in the Klondike, I'll be singing a different tune... of course then I'll have a grandbaby to brighten up my days so maybe all I'll be saying is "baby, baby, beautiful, brilliant baby"... watch this space)

October 3--Riker Brothers, Watch Pin.  Maren sat in the chair watching the sun sink into the sea.  As the orb touched the horizon a heron stalked along the shore searching the shallows for a last snack before roosting in the mangroves for the night.  She heard the neighbors loading up their dive gear to drive along the shore to do a night dive.  Their voices carried over the water sounding excited and a little nervous.  She wondered where they were going but didn't feel like getting up to ask.  The longer she was alone, the harder it was to make the effort.  Tom had left a month ago, maybe more.  She lost track of days.  Here on the island one day was much like the ones before and the ones ahead.  If it weren't for the maid, Lorena, coming on Tuesdays she'd never know what day it was.  Why did it matter?  There was nothing she needed to do.  No one would care if she just faded away.  A dark silhouette moved across in front of her blotting out the last golden light.  "You shouldn't drink alone," Drake said as he took the glass from her fingers.

Well, hmm.  Okay enough shillyshallying, time to get this laptop and all the cords and chargers packed and shoved into the van.  Durwood's getting one more tank delivery today so he'll have a full complement of full ones to take along.  Once I get home from work, the whole shooting match gets put into the car, my car moves into the garage and we're off.  This is the time when my stomach's in a knot and I'd just as soon stay home.  Good thing I have Durwood to shove me out the door.  See some of you very soon!

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Aunt B said...

Why are we like that??? Looking forward to and planning like mad for a trip and then, at the last minute, kinda dreading it?? Maybe it's our age! But our trip to Atlanta is off due to the government shutdown. Paul's conference was an FAA thing. Who knew the shutdown would actually affect our life? But, at the same time, I'm almost glad we aren't going. So much easier to have everyone come here! So thanks for coming.