Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I'm Fitter Than I Thought

Last night at yoga we ended our practice with our legs up the wall (it's called an inversion, just like a headstand only doable) and it occurred to me that I'm not so feeble after all.  Achy, that I am, but yesterday I walked Porter for a couple miles, mowed the lawn, and did an hour of yoga and felt able to do it all.  Oh, I get a backache when I walk with the dog so we stop for a minute and then go on and it's better, and I get all hot and winded when I mow but Gatorade and a shower takes care of that, and yoga wakes up muscles that have been dormant for ages but in about 12 more hours they won't ache anymore.  My first instinct is to sit around, to not do stuff, but once I get myself moving I like it or, better yet, I like having moved.  I'm not fully evolved just yet to like it in the time immediately before doing it but I might get there.  As long as I keep pushing myself to do something active, something walk-y or exercise-y, I think I'm good.  Now that September's over and the "30 days for 30 bucks" yoga sale has ended I'll choose one class to go to a week and then do the (free or free-will donation) community classes when Mardi teaches them.  I thought I'd choose the Saturday 11 AM class but that's smack dab in the middle of the day and kind of disrupts it all.  The Tuesday 5:30 PM class looks like the winner to me, even though every other month I'll go to the community class the next night... although I like the 8:15 AM Monday one too...  I'll think about it while we're gone and decide when we get back.

Oh, hey, did I tell you that I won a DVD for going to yoga 3 times in week 3 of the sale?  I got to the studio on Monday to find a smiley face next to my name on the chart; Mardi told me that meant I won a DVD, so when Kathleen came in I asked her and got to choose one of her yoga-along DVDs.  I chose the gentle one which she says is like a yin class, just what I like best, so that's the one I chose.  And I am evolved enough (thanks, HZ!) that I took a thank-you note along when I went to class last night and left it on her desk.  There's a $10 price on the DVD so that's like getting 15 yoga sessions for twenty bucks.  Such a deal!  That earns a thank-you note.  Plus it's polite.  I can play it on the laptop while we're away and not stiffen up so much.  It's a win win.

I took Durwood's van when I went for my manicure so I could run it through the car wash to get the windows cleaned inside and out and the crud vacuumed out.  I wanted to start our 2-week jaunt with a clean car, and as I drove out of the car wash I turned on the blinker and the left rear one went out.  It blinked once and then shifted to that fast clicking and a message came on the dashboard thingy telling me that it was out.  Naturally most of the turns I made for the rest of the trip were left ones.  Grr.  I guess it's good that it happened at home instead of when we're on the road, but still...  Durwood'll get it fixed up at Rabideau's today.

October 2--John Singer Sargent, Madame X (Madame Pierre Gautreau).  The body was posed.  She lay in the center of the room, her skin the same color as the marble floor.  "Look, the veins in her arms look like the marble veins," said Korsak.  Timmons shook his head.  "Listen to you, this isn't an art installation, it's a dead body."  Korsak shifted his shoulders in his ill-fitting suit jacket.  "Yeah, I know, but I think Art might be part of it.  Art with a capital A."  He pointed.  "Look at her, the way she's lying there.  She didn't fall there like that.  I bet she didn't dress herself, maybe didn't do her hair or makeup."

Okay, then.  Some days I think I watch too many crime and procedural shows, but I'm hooked, mostly on the characters I confess but I like 'em and I won't be acting on any of the ideas anytime soon.  Cross my heart.  It's time to go work.  You have yourself a nice day.

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Aunt B said...

Don't you love winning something? A nice little reward for following through on your yoga plan -- and for a whole month!!! Kudos!