Sunday, October 20, 2013

Soup & Laundry

That's what I need to accomplish today, do the bags of trip laundry and make a vat of soup for work lunches for the next couple weeks.  It won't be too hot for soup because it's cold outside, so cold that there's frost on the grass and the birdbath's a skating rink.  Oops, guess I wasn't fast enough getting the heater in there.  I'm not so much of a fan of the new heater I bought, it's just barely thin enough to be underwater when it's full so I have to be vigilant.  The old one was flat like a mat, not as good at keeping all the water thawed, but easier to keep underwater.  Oh well, this one works just fine and it won't kill me to keep topping up the birdbath of a morning.  (I can be such a whiner)

Yesterday I went to the dive shop to confer with Mrs. Boss about my work schedule for the next month.  All I can say is it's a good thing I hopped on Amazon and downloaded a decent calendar app for my Kindle before I went there because for the next 4 weeks I have Wednesday off instead of Tuesday and Friday, I work on Fridays but Mr. Boss will come in around 4:30, before 7 o'clock anyway, which means I won't be late for knitting for all of the next month like I thought I'd be, I'm still not working weekends (whew), except I'll go in reallyreally early next Saturday to help Mr. Boss get the UWGB students geared up and paid into the till.  I don't put that on my time card, it's more of a public service to help Mr. Boss and JJ get the students going.  Those college students are awfully young and amazingly dense sometimes.  I understand that it's early but, geez, they make me fear for MY future since they're going to be in charge when I'm ancient.

Aunt B had made this luscious snack mix out of oyster crackers that we had at her house and she emailed me the recipe so I got the ingredients at the store yesterday and made it.  Yup, it's delicious, also I may have to hide it so it doesn't disappear in an instant, plus it's crying easy to make.  Thanks, Aunt B.  (comment if you'd like the recipe to make some for yourself)

October 20--Edgar Degas, Young Woman with Ibis.  The birds crowded around her as if she were the source of life.  Maybe she was to them as she was the one who fed them.  Miriam had always had a way with birds.  As a small child the chickadees ate seed from her outstretched hand and even today bluebirds met at her window.  She dreamed of being able to understand the songbirds and was convinced that the crows and bluejays knew only profanity and that birds of prey barely spoke at all.

Fanciful and mercifully short, that's all I can say about that.  I bought a pre-trimmed pineapple at Copps yesterday but I'm hoping that Aldi has some other fruit that I can cut with it to make lunch fruit salad.  Maybe I'll swing by later.  When I raised the shade this morning the moon was setting in the west and when I opened the curtain in the kitchen there was the sunrise.  I decided that you get both today.  Lucky you!  Time to fire up the washeteria and soup kitchen.  Stay cool.

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Aunt B said...

Isn't that little cracker snack delicious -- and so easy!!! Glad you're enjoying it. BTW, could you email me that pic of the two of us standing in the kitchen? Want to add it to my "2013 Events" folder! Your visit definitely qualifies. Thanks.