Friday, October 11, 2013

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Vacation money's not like "real" money, at least in my wallet/mind, so there has been yarn and fabric shopping, mostly yarn.

In Lexington, KY on Saturday DD took me to "her" fabric store (well, she works there anyway) where they had a couple bolts of linen poly blend so I made off with some of that for... I don't know what for but who doesn't need more linen?

On Sunday we went to Rebelle yarn shop for stitch 'n bitch for the afternoon.  She and I were the only ones there besides the owner but we had a lovely time chatting and knitting.  I bought a skein of pale gray Cascade Eco because I have 2 darker grays and dark red that I hope to make into a cardi for me one of these days... after the intensive baby knitting slacks off... when I get my two OTN sweaters done.

In Knoxville, TN we went to Loopville where I found the superwash in ivory that I wanted and then they were having a "bag sale" which meant the more skeins (all the same) in the bag, the bigger the discount.  Sooo I dug around and found a bag of 10 skeins of SWTC Therapi in an odd charcoal, brown, purple color which was 75% off.  I had to take it.  HAD.  TO.  You would've too.  You know you would have.

Yesterday we went to an alpaca farm and yarn shop outside Greenville, SC where a knitting group was meeting and they were friendly and fun.  The friendliest and funniest was named Barbara too, we got on like a house a-fire.  She was hilarious.  I found 3 skeins of homegrown alpaca in a gorgeous brown and Guyton, the producer, was in the pen next to the shop so I went out and got my picture taken with him.  I picked out a skein of Fixation to start another pair of widdle sockies (which I did last night), and a pattern for a cute cardi which I think I'll make using all the onesie skeins of souvenir yarn I have on hand.  


And there were babies in the next pen, not close to the road, true, but they were visible.  Ooh, too cute.

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