Friday, October 11, 2013

The Illustrated Greenville, SC

I say "illustrated" because I discovered that the motel internet won't let me put pictures on here but RJ's internet will, so now you know where I am.  I'm sitting at the kitchen desk in RJ & K's house listening to Durwood and his brother banter and make breakfast.  Durwood's having his beloved tomato slice on rye toast with mayo, I'm having Fage yogurt with fruit, honey, and walnuts, and RJ's making another Dutch pancake hoping this one puffs up like it's supposed to today.  We shall see.  (I'm loving my yogurt, it makes my stomach happy, thanks for the yogurt recommendation, KW at knitting!)

Yesterday we all went a little ways out of town to an alpaca farm and yarn shop.  There was a knitting group meeting and they were fun and friendly, and there was lots of yarn.  I bought 3 skeins grown by an alpaca named Guyton (Gee like a French Guy) who just happened to be in the pen next to the shop so I went out to find him and RJ took my picture with him.  In a pen along the road there were mamas and babies.  Not near the road, of course, but visible.  So cute.  

After lunch the boys napped and K and I drove into Greenville to see the waterfall on the river in town and to cruise a new arts area to stroll a few galleries, then we found a yarn shop that was half yarn and half needlepoint.  Nice but I didn't buy anything.  Instead of going out to supper the boys bought steaks at Costco and we grilled out.

Today we're off to Trader Joe's (eeee!) while the boys look at pictures and RJ's baby book, and then we're going to a hot air balloon festival tonight just to look.  

Tomorrow we leave for Wilmington, NC and adventures close to the ocean.

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Aunt B said...

Sounds like great fun at the yarn shops -- and all over the place. What a wonderful vacation you're having. We'll try to keep it going here in the Port City. Oh why am I writing this??? I'll be talking with you in person later today!!!