Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hump Day-y-y-y!

Can you hear the camel?  I love that commercial and it seems they've stopped running it. (maybe I don't watch enough TV)  Bring back the camel!  Hump day!

And I have the day off so there'll be no working but a lot of doing.  First there's grand-dog walking, then nails getting done, then a chiro appointment, after that I'm sure I'll find things to occupy my day.  I have to give all the baby gifts a wash and pat them into shape, buy some wrapping paper and maybe some official boxes, oh, and greeting cards too.  Gotta get cards.

Hey, this weekend Daylight Savings Time ends so we... fall back, yeah... which  means it'll be light earlier and dark sooner.  Light earlier I'm in favor of but dark sooner?  Not so much.  But don't worry, I can complain for every occasion and happenstance.  Complaining's one of my best things.

Yesterday morning DS called while he drove to work to say that DIL1 and HZ had bought fabric for nursery curtains and lining fabric so they'll be room-darkening.  They don't sew; he can but his job really has him hopping.  He chatted his way around to asking if I'd be willing to make them up and I said yes.  Of course.  I can't wait to see what they've picked out since the nursery's got an undersea theme.  Did you know that the sides of cribs don't lower anymore?  I guess kids' fingers got pinched so now they're fixed, and the slats are a lot closer together too.  No more buying baby furniture at rummage sales, there's all these rules now, it's confusing.  What ever happened to putting the baby in a dresser drawer or laundry basket?  Everybody's got those.  What about letting them sleep where they fall?  I've heard that in some circles bedtimes have gone out of style.  Heck, when our kids were little bedtime was what saved my sanity when Durwood was out of town.  Bedtime's good for everyone and it gives parents a much-needed breather.  I'm not a fan of co-sleeping either.  Those little demons often sleep like galloping horses and it seemed like I always got the hoof end.  There's a reason everyone has a bed of their own.

October 30--Cypriot, Hellenistic Period, Vase in the form of a sleeping African boy.  He was tired, so tired that he couldn't go another step.  He was deep in the woods and night had fallen so moving wasn't safe, that made stopping easier.  He was afraid that he would walk off a cliff or stumble into a wild animal in the dark.  In the last of the light he chose a pine tree with branches low enough to the ground that he could burrow under.  He wrapped his arms around the base of the trunk to anchor himself in the dark.

And that's when I realized that I was going nowhere fast and had no clue where to turn, so I turned off the light and went to sleep.  Now that it's lightening up a bit I'm going off to begin my day.  Toodles, kids.

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Aunt B said...

Under the Sea!!! What a perfect theme for the precious grandbaby. Hope you take a picture of the curtains. Fun to think about nursery/baby stuff!!!