Friday, August 2, 2013


First thing, I was about halfway to work when I realized that I'd forgotten to make a sandwich so I quick pulled into Subway on the way and got a sub.  ($4 I didn't need to spend)  Then when I got to the store and went to put my sub into the fridge, this is what I found.  Seems a Pepsi and a Ginger Ale conspired to freeze, pop their tops and spew frosty, sticky soda all over.  It was cold enough in the fridge and it gets opened so seldom that the soda stuck frozen to the walls and cans like a Slushee.  What a royal pain.  I got a bucket of water and rags and wiped out the great majority of it but I didn't take everything out and I didn't have a box of baking soda so I did a slapdash job but at least it isn't dripping with brown goo.

Second thing, I got the ad for the duplex all tidied up, double checked with the tenant when she'll be out, and posted the ad on Craigslist last night about 9 PM.  By 9:15 I had an email inquiry.  Yay!  So I've emailed back to set up a viewing for Sunday afternoon.  I've got Spanky coming tomorrow to install the sink and range hood and I wanted to give the tenant time to tidy up a bit.  I did give her a reminder note this morning about the handyman and that I hoped the place will be tidy but she was running late and fighting with her daughter so it wasn't a good time to chat.  (no sh*t, Sherlock)  Maybe we'll find a good tenant fast this time.  Fingers crossed.  I had a customer in yesterday who told me that he and his wife sold their big house and moved into a condo house, freestanding, and they don't have to do any lawn care or snow removal or gutter cleaning or ANYTHING.  (Yes, please.)

After supper last night I called Fantastick Sam's haircutting and got a quick appointment so I zoomed over there for a trim.  I'm not sure how I'll like it but it looks less growing-out and more on purpose, so I guess that's good.  Of course, I haven't washed it and combed it today, so that might change my perception of it.  (ya think???)

A couple weeks ago when it was so hot Durwood took a picture of a squirrel sprawled on the arm of my patio chair.  Too funny!  He also let me have the bird pictures he's been taking.  He's lucky, he gets to look out at them all day if he wants.  Lots of hummingbirds stoking up for migration these days.

August 2--Paul Cezanne, Bathers.  The four of them didn't talk about it, they just started disrobing in the warm sunshine and, one by one, they slid into the water.  At first it was cold on their heated skin.  Irene squeaked as the cool lake water rose to cover her breasts.  Kay lifted her arms over her head when she was in just over knee deep and dived in head first.  Dina and Julie held onto each other and edged in deeper very slowly.  Eventually they were all in.   Kay swam with sure, strong strokes looking like a pale otter as she glided through the water.  Irene floated on her back, her face, nipples, and toes turned to the clear blue sky.  Dina and Julie bobbed in the calm water talking and laughing, not paying attention to Kay.  After a half hour a cloud slid over the sun and they began to feel the water's chill.  The three of them, Irene, Dina and Julie, waded out onto the bank laughing about only having their clothes to dry themselves.  Irene looked out across the lake.  "Where's Kay?" she asked.  Julie climbed a nearby boulder and used a hand to shade her eyes.  "I don't see her."  She turned to her friends.  "Did she say she was swiming to the island?"

That doesn't sound good, does it?  Nope, not one bit.  I have to work today.  *sigh*  From 10 AM to 7 PM straight, and today I won't forget my sandwich AND the leftover pizza to scarf down for supper.  (You know you're old when pizza lasts in the fridge for nearly a week.)  Time for breakfast and to see if I can comb this new haircut so I look human.  Toodles.

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