Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Not Quite Fast Enough

When I walked from the living room into the kitchen just now to get my coffee and come blog the big Cooper's Hawk was on the birdbath, right there ten feet from the patio door.  Could I get my camera and take its picture?  Of course not.  Then it flew to the fence.  Could I get its picture there?  Don't be silly.  It flew away just as I eased the door open with the camera in my sweaty little hand.  So here's a picture of where the hawk was only a minute before.  Impressed?  I know you are.

We met our friends T&BD at the Hilltop Cafe on Bay Settlement Rd. for burgers last night.  The food was good, real juicy burgers for $1.99, cheese was 25 cents more (I got cheese), with fried onions and pickles.  Catsup and mustard was on the tables.  Durwood ordered fries (a bale of them came) and I ordered tater tots (ditto).  Next time we'll share an order of some sort of fried potatoes so our next meal there will be even less than the $8 I spent last night.  We're not soda people so we just get water but you can pay a little extra for endless refills on soda so T&B shared one  The ambiance was negligible since the cafe's in the gas station.  The coolest thing was that another dive pal was there so he sat with us and we 5 had a high old time telling dive tales (and a few dive lies, I'm sure) until we closed the joint down--at 8 PM.  The other dive pal, SF, has a new acoustic cover band called Tighty Whiteys.  I can't wait to find out where they're playing and go listen.

Hey, I've gotta run.  The handyman's here and I need to go dig out a windowwell.  Hasta la vista, babies.  Maybe I'll come back for a re-post later.

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