Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just Like Potato Chips

I can't seem to stop making these tiny preemie hats.  It's the yarn colors... no, it's the hat pattern... okay, it's both of them together, they make me drunk with knitting and accomplishment.  After being monogamous on the grandbaby blankie for the last couple weeks I needed some down-and-dirty, knock 'em out quick projects.  Not that I didn't love knitting that blankie, I did, I really did even with all the angora fuzzies I'm sure I ingested and absorbed into my wardrobe, but after a spell of extended project monogamy I just have to zoom a few things out--and these preemie hats are the perfect things for zooming and they're for a good cause too.

I am in love with this yarn, acrylic though it is.  It's Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted Prints, and for a variegated, bright color lover like me they're the perfect choice.  (Scroll down  through all the solid colors *yawn* to the variegated colorways.)  I think I want to get Northern Lights and Plum Jam colorways next, those will kind of complete my spectrum on hand because God forbid I should knit a preemie hat in pastels.  I know I have ranted in past blog entries on my feelings about shoving all babies in pastels so I won't trot out that particular rant at this time.

The aqua and lime one is called Happy Baby, it makes me smile every time I look at it.  The other colorway is Beach and for some reason it reminds me of Mom.  I don't know why because her favorite color was green, a nice sage-y green, so I'm clueless but I like thinking about her anyway.  As you can see this is an excellent pattern to knit while reading (and having a little Dove Promise for my lunch dessert) at work.

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Cheryl Brocher said...

I'm addicted to these hats too and it's all your fault! I have to tear myself away from them to get my other projects done! ;-) Love those little preemie hats!!....Cheryl