Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sunny, Breezy & Cool

That's how it was for my walk this morning, just perfect.  Porter and I loved it.  She ranranran in the park, did her crazy dog twirling, and generally was a good dog.  On our way back there was a giant crane of some kind driving down the trail and she was very scared of it.  The driver saw that and stopped so we could scurry around him.  I gave him a big smile and thanks.  I love considerate, polite people, don't you?

I have got to get in touch with my yogi friend to find out if she teaches a yin class when I could go.  My back's been killing me lately and whining about it isn't helping one bit.  (imagine that)  I'm terrible at making myself exercise by myself.  In the future there should be some sort of machine that you could get into and it'd exercise a person's muscles for them.  Get on that, will you?

I was talking to DS last night and asked him which of the new chickens was which and DIL1 said that General Tso has a wonky claw on one toe, so I looked at them this morning and there it was.  That one fongs up instead of down like a rest of them.  Now I feel better.  It turns out that General Tso is low chicken on the pecking order.  I witnessed Henny pecking on her and she was all submissive with her head down and her wings spread.  I'd have gone out to break up the fight but DS told me that they have to fight it out so they can figure out who's who in the flock.  But I know they're keeping their eyes on things.  I really like that they have chickens and I get to play with them, well, not play with them but bring them treats of peels and leaves and gather eggs every once in a while.  I almost wish I had some but Durwood scrunched up his face when I said that so I'm guessing that's a no.  "Chickens are dirty," he said, and went off to take a shower.

August 13--Winslow Homer, A Basket of Clams.  Jane had always wanted to live in a place where the tide went out enough to strand boats.  She dreamed of climbing over rocks slick with seaweed and skittering crabs to walk on the firm sand of the sea floor on a sunny afternoon.  She dreamed of tide pools like fairy ponds filled with anemones and small fish that waited out the dry hours holding still so as not to attract hungry gulls.

Okay, it's lunchtime and I'm hungry from all my exertions this morning.  Still don't have a tenant.  Are you crossing your fingers?  Get on it.

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Aunt B said...

I love that polite man too. Not enough of those people out there. And yes, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a tenant. When you mentioned maybe not taking your trip this fall, I crossed them twice!!!