Friday, August 16, 2013

Do Chickens Like Grapes?

Oh, chickens LOVE grapes.  Henny & Penny almost forgot to keep Kiev & General Tso in line they were so busy pecking grapes.  K & TS remembered their places, mostly, and kept to the edge of the grape scatter but they manage to get a goodly share of the fruit.
Porter and I had a good walk in the warm sunshine.  The gosling nursery was in the park as we approached and with loud honks the goose tenders herded them into the river.  Porter was a little slow on the uptake and easily distracted by feathers and poop in the grass so the geese weren't in any real danger.  A couple on the most amazing vehicles passed us just before we got to the overpass where we turn around.  They're Trikkes.  They look like two scooters attached to one steering post and you ride them by swaying your hips the opposite way of your shoulders.  It looks like tons of fun and when I said that the lady told me that it's hard work, that it works both upper and lower body.  (I just looked them up; they ain't cheap but you can get a beginner one for under $200, not bad.)

There are wild grapevines twining around the trees and their grapes are ripening.  I can tell you from personal experience that they aren't sweet.  Nope, not sweet at all.

August 16--Paul Klee, Angel Applicant.  It's that damned blue dog again out there baying at the moon.  The dog is really blue, not tinted blue or blue from reflected light or even blue like those pale gray and black spotted hunting dogs that look blue from certain angles, but honest to go blue.  The damned thing barks all the time too, at every leaf and shadow.  Blue dogs are like that; they're nearly untrainable.  This one had the handicap of having the sorriest owners any dog ever had the misfortune of having.  Oh they're not mean to the dog, no, they just don't know how to take care of a special dog like a blue dog.  If I had a blue dog it wouldn't get left outside to bay at the moon or bark at the stars, no sirree.

Kinda lame but I kinda like it.  It totally looked more like a dog than an angel.  No doubt about it.

Well, I'm waiting for the plumber to call and come unplug the rental kitchen sink.  She came over after 8 PM last night to tell me that it'd gotten plugged up the night before.  Grrr.  I could have had all day yesterday, not the day before a weekend, to scare up a plumber.  Why wait until the middle of the night?  When I told her this morning that a plumber would be coming I also told her that a new clothes dryer would be delivered on Tuesday.  She said, "oh, you're doing that too?"  I told her, "Yes, when things break we fix them.  We don't think you're over there breaking things; you need to tell us."  I found out 2 weeks ago that things have been getting caught in the dryer drum since she moved in 1 1/2 years ago and she first told me when Spanky was putting in the new sink.  Arrrgh.  Research and checking is being done on some potential renters as we speak.  Fingers crossed.

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Aunt B said...

Those trikkes things looked interesting. Never have seen one. Could probably work on the flat part of our street but on a bit of a hill??? Fingers still crossed for your renters.