Monday, August 19, 2013

Mmm, Fried Cheese

I had that for lunch yesterday, fried cheese curds.  Oh, they were good.  The cheeseburger was good too but I foolishly tried to "healthy" it up by getting lettuce and tomato on it and that made it "not right."  The big "not right" thing was that they put the pats of butter on top of the lettuce, not on top of the hot burger and cheese, so it sat there on the cold veggies not melting.  I had to deconstruct it on my paper wrapper (no plates at Kroll's unless you get something fancy like a salad, K had a plate) so that the butter was in contact with the heat and melted as God intended butter to do on your Kroll's burger.  (Sheesh, must have been a flatlander in the kitchen yesterday.)  It was great to sit for a couple hours catching up on each others' lives.  We need to do that more.

Before lunch I harvested Durwood's crop of shallots.  They aren't as plump as we'd hoped but he washed them off and I braided the tops so that we could hang them from a little nail over the sink so they can dry and he can snip them off, one by one, to cook with.  Yum.  I see we've got a couple butternut squash coming along too.  I'm a big fan of butternut squash soup.  Big fan.

Tonight Durwood's going to pick me up after work and we're meeting T&BD for more burgers at their favorite cafe out by the university.  We haven't seen them in a while so it'll be good to catch up with them too.  Funny how this stuff all piles up and then there'll be acres of empty weekends ahead.  *shrug*

I got the laundry done and mowed the parts of the yard that were growing.  I didn't mow it all because it doesn't all grow this time of year.  Oh, I'm sure I missed a patch here and there but for the most part I avoided the places where the grass is brown and brittle and mowing across it just kicks up dust.  Besides I had the hose out to water the raspberries (they look quite forlorn) and wasn't in the mood to stop the mower so I didn't chop up the hose every foot and a half.  So sue me.  The parts most visible from the street are mowed, that's good enough.  We're not candidates for "worst house on the block"--yet.
It was quite a bit dimmer this morning at 6:30.  The sun wasn't peeping over the horizon yet.  The light's changing, people, you know what that means.  I'm not saying it out loud, but just noticing; I pay attention to such things.  I kind of like seeing the progression even knowing what's ahead.

August 19--Egypt, Apis Bull Statuette.  It wasn't far from the bazaar to his hotel so Morgan started walking that way, thinking he'd hail a taxi when an empty one came by.  He enjoyed being out as the night closed in and the shops were closing up.  Some of the shopkeepers wished him "good evening" as he passed and the aroma of grilled lamb and spices made his stomach growl.  He walked faster, eager to get back for some supper and speeding his steps saved his life.  The blow to his head knocked him out but not for long.  He came to lying on a pile of rotten burlap sacks and broken boxes, his wallet and the box holding the ivory statue gone.

Now we're getting somewhere.  Action, that's what we need, action.  Speaking of action I need to go find something for lunch today.  Needing lunch slipped my mind over the weekend so I may be having a PB & J today, which isn't a bad thing, but I'm afraid I don't have any fruit.  No fruit?  Really??? Me, without fruit?  *shakes head*  How does something like that happen?  I might have to eat (gulp) canned fruit with my lunch today.  I'm so ashamed.  (ooh, I just had a thought--applesauce--I canned applesauce.  I'm saved!)

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