Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back To The Grind--Or Is That My Knees?

A bit of both, I think.  It's still dreary and gray and so HUMID the air feels like you could cut it.  I picked another bowl of ripe and nearly ripe tomatoes early this morning.  DS & DIL1 are harvesting their tomatoes too but they cut them into chunks and roast them with wedges of onion, olive oil, salt & pepper and then whirr them in the food processor to freeze for tomato sauce to cook with.  Doesn't that sound good?  I think I might try that this week or next with all the ripening 'maters coming in from the garden.

I got the wedding gift all organized yesterday.  I picked up a couple plain white soup bowls at Cook's Corner and a half-yard of a bright cotton print at Hancock Fabrics (I think I like the fact that they're next to each other now.) and spent an hour downstairs in the sewing studio making a couple bowl potholders to go with them.  On my rounds yesterday I stopped into Target for a gift card to tuck into the package and a nice greeting card too.  Now I just need to find the perfect box, wrap it, and we'll be set for Saturday's party.  What will I wear?  *taps lips with finger*  I'll find something summery and cool in my closet, I'm sure.  (shh, don't tell but I think those potholder things might be the "everyone gets one" gift this year, shh)

On Monday I had to dig out an implement I didn't think I'd be seeing for a few months, at least I hoped I wouldn't need to handle it until then.  Durwood found an ad for a small engine place that offered free pickup and delivery for snowblower service, and ours badly needs fixing since I didn't know I wasn't supposed to feed it ethanol gas (it's tummy's upset), so they came to pick it up on Monday afternoon.  After it stopped raining, of course, I, however, had to get it out of the shed and push it around the house to the driveway during the morning rain storm.  Nice.  Ah well, I needed a shower anyway, and I'd already had to put on a bra and go fetch a gallon of milk since when Durwood poured some in his coffee it poured out in chunks.  Not a good thing.  Isn't life interesting?  You'd think when you get to be our ages (61 [until Sunday] & 74) our lives would be smooth and just kind of coasting, right?  Not even close.  I want to live like the "seniors" on commercials, you know, active and busy and ache-free but I think they're animatronics or CGI (computer generated images).  I'll be wearing my knee support again today.

August 28--Gustav Courbet, View of Ornans.  It felt safe in the village.  The river slowed as it made the bend on the north end of town where Pere Georges' orchard dipped its fruit-heavy branches near to the grass in the fall.  The limestone bluff sat like a battlement atop the green hill protecting it from the cold wind that blew off the higher slopes in winter.  It was a good, church-going village where neighbors helped neighbors and newcomers were welcomed with open arms.  It made no sense when body parts began turning up in the river and the fields.

Okay then, that's creepy.  Durwood just got up so it must be time for me to go find my breakfast and shower so I can pick up a tank from Van's and go off to work.  I wonder if I have to work next Monday... maybe not... that'd be cool, that'd mean I get 5 days off in a row since I don't work on Tuesdays.  Score!

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Aunt B said...

I wondered why you got into the snow blower thing so early when you mentioned it before. Makes sense but I'm not going to even think about you using it for months!