Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Not A Dog Walking Day

Well, I tried but Porter was way more interested in the geese and intimidated by the loud dredging barge in the river nearby.  She was disappointed when the geese waddled back into the river instead of playing with her.  By the time she'd jerked me to a halt 5 times in less than 100 yards I got the message that this wasn't going to be a good walking day, so I turned us around and went back to the car.  That's okay, I'm kind of in a crap mood today anyway.  It's been overcast since yesterday morning, hasn't rained, of course, but it's gray and dreary and still.  Uck uck uck.

I got a letter yesterday.  That's right, a real, hand-written letter from an actual correspondent.  It's the coolest thing to pull a stack of envelopes from insurance companies and magazines out of the mailbox and mixed in is a real letter from a real person who took the time to sit with pen and paper to write to me.  She and I share a lot of interests and live far apart but we can still connect the old fashioned way.  Tres cool.

Durwood's finally feeling better today.  Thank. God.  He's been feeling terrible for more than a week and I was about to package him up to go to the doctor just to see if the doc had any magic.  He's barely eaten, slept at odd(er) times, and has been kind of out of it.  I've been worried but today he looks a lot more like himself.  *whew*

August 6--Claude Monet, Garden at Sainte-Adresse.  "Did you make hollyhock dollies when you were a child?" Claudine asked. When her companion shook his head Claudine plucked an open flower and one that was barely open, making sure it had a bit of stem.  She slid the stem between petals of the upended open flower near the center cup.  "See," she said, "the flower is the skirt and the bud is the head and hat."  She looked at her lace gloves.  They were sticky and stained with pollen.  Maman and Mam'selle Gigot would not be happy with her.  They both kept on and on about appearances and making a good match.  She wished some knight would ride in on a white charger, sweep her up, and gallop away with her.

I don't know what I'm going to do with myself the rest of the day but whatever it is the day will pass and I'll wonder where the time went when night comes.  Oh, can't forget to go to Aldi for blueberries and pretzels.  I hear it's Beach Week at Aunt B's, here's wishing everyone a great time!

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Aunt B said...

FYI -- Nancy got a request from Lisabeth for chicken soup and she immediately sent your recipe for the healing elixir "rotisserie chicken soup"!!! So yay for sharing recipes!!! Having a great Beach Week -- so far!!! Nancy says "congrats" on the grandma news! XXXXX