Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Morning = Farmer's Market

Today I was up as early as ever to go have breakfast with the dive guys, help them get the students geared up and off to dive, then I stopped at the Farmer's Market on my way back across town.  While Durwood's neck and back are a bit better he's not better enough for a walk around the market so I was on my own.  (danger! danger!)  Naturally I couldn't only buy the $5 grab bag of tomatoes for him soooo I bought a $1 cabbage, 3 zucchinis for $1, a pound of wax beans for $2, a tray of fingerling potatoes for $1, a 50-cent cucumber, a 50-cent green pepper, a pound of Georgia peaches, and for my stay-at-home beloved, 2 fresh pork egg rolls which didn't last long.  Oh, and a 1 oz. baggie of radish sprouts to put on my lunch sandwiches (which I will remember to make and take) next week.  I ran into my brother TW and his wife AR-A.  They were buying flowering plants.  I haven't seen them in forever so we stepped out of the flow and caught up with each others' lives but it was really crowded so we kept moving.

In a few hours our handyman friend will be here to take out the old avocado sinks and range hood and put in new ones.  The dive guys laughed at me thinking that both sides could be done in one day but I don't see why not.  They also asked me to guess how many trips to the hardware store would be needed and I said three.  They agreed that at least I was realistic about something.  I hope it all gets done but I'll be grateful if the rental side is done and we have to put off doing our side.  I just want to find a new renter who'll take good care of the place and will stay a long time.

Did you hear that one of the big geysers in Yellowstone woke up the other night after 5 years of being dormant?  Steamboat geyser (scroll down for video) is in Norris Geyser Basin, a frying pan of a place with lots of geysers and steamy holes in the ground.  I could go back.  Today.

August 3--Piero di Cosimo, The Young Saint John the Baptist.  John hated his curly hair; he had his whole life.  When he was about twelve he started wearing knitted caps to smash them down but when he took the hats off they sprang back up.  His mother loved his curls.  She shook her head sadly when he came home from camping with Josh with a shaved head.

Okay, that's it for me for today.  I didn't sleep all that well so I might be considering a nap later.  Or now.  See you

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Aunt B said...

Good luck finding the perfect renter. It's got to be frustrating to always have people moving in and out!!!