Thursday, August 29, 2013

Not Waking Up Today

Man, I am not waking up.  My eyelids feel like they're made of lead and there's a kink in my neck and my brain's foggy.  Nope, not waking up.  Oh well, I'll be at work so no one will notice.  Except if Mrs. Boss comes to mow the lawn or something.  She's off to do some Eastern Star business again tomorrow so I get to work for a few hours (eee, bigger paycheck!) again.  That means I'll have worked part or all of every Friday in August but one.  I'm not a fan.  The sunrise was very pretty when I dragged my corpse out of bed just after 6:00.  I'm glad I saw it but I'd rather have been sleeping.  I could sleep right now... probably not really, my brain probably wouldn't turn off but I sure feel like it'd be a good idea to flop down again.  But I made the bed... oh well... next time.

This weekend is the kite festival in Two Rivers on the lakeshore and I've convinced Durwood that we should drive over to watch on Sunday.  There's a parking lot right next to a shelter where I could drop him off and that's right by where they fly those big fancy kites to music.  And it's free!  Who doesn't love free?  Let's hope for a bright, sunny, breezy day--but not too breezy so the dive boat trip Mrs. Boss has organized doesn't get blown off again.

August 29--Jean-Leon Gerome, Prayer in the Mosque.  For centuries men had prayed in the mosque.  Thousands and thousands of pairs of feet had worn the stone floor smooth.  The rugs were so threadbare that it looked as though they were dissolving into the stones.  The regulars barely noticed the shabbiness thinking it a comfortable and familiar place to pray.  Generations of families had come to the mosque for prayer and fellowship.  Outside of the cafes in the bazaar the mosque was where deals were struck and contracts sealed.  Tovar felt the slightest breeze as he stood near a pillar.  No one was beside him and still he felt a stirring at his side.

Yeah, I don't know where that came from or where it's going and, to be honest, I don't care.  Today I just don't care.  I'm freaking out because the renter isn't moved out yet which means I'll have about half a day on Saturday to make sure it's all clean and sparkling in there before the new tenants move in on Sunday.  Gah!  I'm freaking out!

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Aunt B said...

That renter is going to drive you crazy! You definitely need a day to just watch kites!