Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Day Off or An Off Day?

I don't have to work today.  I'm disinclined to do anything today.  It's hot and MUGGY so I cancelled walking with Porter and I really don't want to do much.  I need to seek a little something for a gift since we're going to a wedding on Saturday, and I discovered last night at bedtime that, though the adapter to connect the dishwasher to the new faucet screws into the end of the faucet just fine, water squirts out when I connect the dishwasher to it.  Now this is the very adapter that worked perfectly on the previous faucet so I'm guessing I need to seek a different adapter.  Good thing I have pretty good spatial acuity so I don't have to take the faucet to the store, I can just take the adapter that doesn't work and imagine what one that will work should look like.  I think the threads need to be about a millimeter taller so the adapter doesn't go into the faucet quite as deeply.  I am full of confidence, aren't I?  Let's see how I feel when I get back from the store.  Sounds like I'm doing things after all.  That's okay.  I woke up all on my own at 6:30 (boo!) and couldn't go back to sleep so I sat on the couch watching brainless HGTV and finishing the latest preemie hat I had OTN (on the needles) until 9:30.  That should be enough sloughing off for anyone for one day, although I may sneak in another hour or so later.

All these storms riding through on the various weather fronts are wreaking havoc with my knees.  They're achy today but it could also be because I started playing balance games on the Wii since I've been feeling particularly off balance lately, especially walking across the tippy, slick rocks into and out of the water the other day.  So I thought I should balance up.  Maybe I should stop wearing those rocky, fitness shoes I like so much.

August 27--John H. Belter, Sofa.  The blood looked black on the dark red satin.  It shouldn't have shown but there it was in lively swaths of drops, like a Pollock overlaying a da Vinci.  Levi stood in the middle of the room with the sunlight streaming in through the open French doors touching his shoes and the only sound was the buzzing of the first fly.  He couldn't move, couldn't step in any direction without stepping in blood or some unspeakable gore, and the sirens were getting closer.

Man, I'm kind of sorry I fell asleep when I did.  I hope you are too.  Maybe I can call it "flash" and leave it at that.  Okay, I'm off to... get dressed for one thing, and then I'll see what the rest of the morning brings.  Probably a jaunt to Home Depot and I hear that Durwood has a prescription that needs picking up and I have a package to mail and then there's that wedding gift that needs buying.  Can't forget to cash my (larger this week) paycheck too. Seems like no more day off for me.

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Aunt B said...

Those little premmie hats are so darling. No wonder you love making them -- all those colors!