Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nearly Destroyed

Nothing of ours, no, don't worry, but the Maribel Caves Hotel that Lala and I visited a couple months back is almost completely knocked down.  Good thing we went on that hot and muggy day because I can't imagine that they'll rebuild it.  It couldn't have been very stable because all of the innards were gone and just the stone shell, not even a roof, remained.  Must have been some winds.  What a shame.

Evidently no one has to move this month in Green Bay.  Or Craigslist is no longer the place to advertise.  Not really getting any inquiries.  I'm trying to avoid putting an ad in the paper (they're so expensive) but don't know what else to try.  Any suggestions?  Anybody want to live next door to me?  I have lots of yarn and some fabric and many big woodworking tools.  But no lathe.  I would like a lathe but don't really have the space.  Maybe someday.

I'm off today.  Mrs. Boss will be away tomorrow so I'm working from 10 - 7 tomorrow (all day looong) (I know, I'm such a baby) so this week's like the old days when I worked Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week.  I like my current schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Thursday better even though I'll make $18 more this week, last week too.  At this stage in my game the time off means more than the money.  (Gah!  I have to get my nails done today.  Stupid typos.)

August 8--India, Kalamkari Hanging with Figures in an Architectural Setting.  Rami, Purna, and Shan couldn't believe that Maya would rather spend time with her husband and baby son instead of with them.  They crept across the garden, careful not to alarm the peacock that live there.  They stood in the shadows of the mango trees watching their friend talking and laughing with that dolt she had married and cooing over her simpleton of a son.  Everyone knew that being with a man sapped a woman's intelligence and nursing a baby gave you gray hair and wrinkles.  They needed to save her from herself.

Okay.  Durwood's having a nap so I think I'm going to go eat breakfast, maybe on the patio, while I read the paper.  Yeah, on the patio.  Sayonara, you working suckers.  Hah.

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