Monday, August 12, 2013


And not only in my head; it's foggy outside, really foggy and there's not a breath of wind stirring.  Makes me wish I was up at The Clearing walking around in the woods or the labyrinth in the quiet fog of morning.  Picked another pocketful of cherry tomatoes today.  Yum.

I accomplished exactly nothing yesterday.  Well, nothing that I like doing, like knitting or sewing or reading.  And that's the way I hoped the day would go. We skipped the corn roast but went to Best Buy to get a new clothes dryer for the rental side of the duplex.  Got one coming on the 20th for just over $400 (because you have to put in new venting and it doesn't come with a cord.  That threw me until I learned that there are 3-prong plugs and 4-prong plugs so the installer brings both).  Not bad.  Then we went to Cook's Corner, well, Durwood did; I went next door to Hancock Fabrics and cruised the sales.  I found a linen upholstery fabric that has postal marks and writing on it in black and brown and red that was 40% off.  A yard was still $20 but I bought it anyway.  It's going to make fabulous bags.  I'll make every inch count.  Then we went to Tony Roma's to spend Durwood's birthday "coupon" for a free entree.  Mmm, ribs.  They don't have that cornbread casserole stuff anymore (I really liked it) but I made do with loaded mashed potatoes.  Can't eat healthy all the time.  And we have enough ribs left for 2 more meals if we aren't gluttons.  Yay!  Then we went to the grocery for lunchmeat and a few other things.  Then home.

When I was driving home from collecting eggs (DIL1 just posted that I've got the first blue egg, should I give it to them, you think? nah, they'll lay more... right?) I noticed that my odometer had turned over to 60,000 miles.  Cool, huh?  The clouds were cool then too, so I snapped a pic while I was in the middle of the bridge.  (Hey, I stayed in my lane.)  Up high on the bridge is the best place to see a lot of sky, there're too many trees around the house (which I love, truly) to see a vista.

August 12--Myron H. Kimball, Emancipated Slaves.  They stand so still waiting for the blinding flash that will sear their image onto the glass plate negative.  They know to hold still, not to move so that they are clear, so that people will see them and know that they lived to be free.  The white children aren't sure why they are there, and neither do I.  Do the freed slaves know how long it will take before they will be equal?  Are they equal yet?  We want out society to be homogeneous but it isn't, not really.  We try.  Preachers give sermons about it.  Professors lecture.  Leaders of communities speak of it, vote for it, push the reluctant society to see all people as equals, all with limited success.

I am very glad to be done with that disturbing picture.  It was hard to write about or from.  It's Monday again and I need to make lunches.  Will I take them all to work with me in case the fridge is still determined to freeze everything?  Maybe not.  Maybe I'll just assemble them as I usually do and take them one day at a time.  I'm not a fan of frozen coleslaw.  Nope, not at all.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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