Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm On A Preemie Hat Jag

I can't seem to stop making Too Early Birthday Preemie hats.  I can't.  I'm addicted to those little hats made with the variegated acrylics.  I'm a slave to the colors and the way they stack up, so much so that I've carried up all of the skeins so that I can make a hat from each before the jag fades.

This one is Red Rocks...

this is Northern Lights...

and this one's Harvest Melon.

This afternoon I took myself down into the sewing studio and whipped up a couple of microwave potholders to give as part of a wedding gift this coming Saturday.  This is one of those patterns that I think is so clever and "why didn't I think of that?" worthy.  I hope the newlyweds like them.  I should probably put a little note in with them so they understand that the whole shebang goes into the microwave so you can carry your hot bowl to the table or the couch without burning your fingers.

Oooh, it's gotten pretty dark and thunder's really rumbling.  Better get this posted and power down the laptop.

1 comment:

Barefoot Maiden said...

I love the little bowl covers, did you get the pattern somewhere? I saw them at a garage sale and they intrigued me :)