Sunday, August 25, 2013

Avocado Has Left The Building

Well, except for the clothes dryer in the basement and I don't count that because I don't see it fifty times a day.  Spanky came over yesterday and installed the new stainless steel sink (a new [leaky, then returned and replaced] faucet too) and a new white range hood.  The range hood's about 1-1/2" shallower than the old one so I've got a strip of bright yellow to deal with, next door too.  I have to get next door's strip dealt with before September 1 which is next Sunday, one week from today (also someone's birthday *points at self* just in case anyone's lost track) when the new tenants move in.  When I emptied out under the sink so Spanky could work I found that I already have a can of Goof Off so now I just need to make sure the leftover paint hasn't turned into a puck in the can and go over there and do the work.  I figured I'd use the Goof Off to feather the edge of the old paint, let it dry, and then touch it up.  

Lots of tomatoes are ripening and three decided to mold.  Mold???  I suspect that they were nibbled, kept ripening, and the watering and humidity caused mold to form.  Durwood and I have to step up our tomato consumption.  I'll be doing my part in my work lunches this week.  After supper last night I whipped up a batch of pesto hummus (I added 1 cup of basil leaves and about a tablespoon of chopped walnuts [should have toasted the walnuts but I was tired; I'll do it next time] with my regular ingredients) that I'll have on toasted sandwich thin halves with cucumber slices and Roma tomato slices on top, and I'll add cherry tomatoes to my regular carrot chips for a side.  I also snagged a gorgeous, ripe pineapple at Walmart for only $2.50 so I cut that up and tossed in a pint of blueberries for fruit salad for the week.  Oh, we're eating well now.

August 25--Giotto di Bondone, The Epiphany.  Claire sat between Mama and Grandma Mattie at Mass on Sunday and she stared at the stained glass windows in the old church.  At first she had thought that the windows were just pictures but then she learned that they told stories.  She liked stories.  She liked it when Mama read stories to her and she especially liked it when Grandma Mattie told her stories about when Mama was a little girl.  Claire thought that the people in the stained glass windows might be even older than Grandma Mattie and that was really old.

Hmm, I thought I knew where I was going when I wrote that last night but now I'm not so sure.  I'll see what happens tonight.  I just got a call from KC and I get to go diving today.  We're going to Claflin up outside of Brussels which is only about a 30 minute drive so we can meet at Noon, go up, dive, and be home by about 4 PM.  On my way home I think I'll stop by at DS & DIL1's to see and admire the newly laid patio (and pet Porter and play with all the grand-chickens too) and I can still be home in time to grill the chicken for supper.  Happy days!

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Aunt B said...

New stuff!!! What could be better?? Love the red tomatoes in the yellow bowl. So cheerful looking.