Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Signed, Sealed & Delivered

After a very busy day getting the place tidied up and workmen wrangled the new tenants, K&J, arrived (early!) to go over the lease with Durwood, initial each and every little point, sign at the bottom, and hand over a money order for security deposit and first month's rent.  Whew.  They seem like a really nice young couple, eager to move in and have a home, not an apartment.  He was especially enthusiastic about having a side-by-side duplex "which is more like a house than an apartment."  As they walked out to their cars I strolled over and uprooted the "for rent" sign from the yard.  *sigh*  Ah, tenants.

Turns out last night was the "official" full moon night.  I saw it peeking through the trees when I took out the trash but I was just too played out to get out the camera.  I love days like yesterday when I get to do some hard things and I spend the day zooming around but it sure makes me tired.  I slept pretty well.

A thunderstorm blew through just as my alarm went off this morning.  I was just barely aware that it was raining, a clap of thunder boomed, and my alarm sounded.  Almost like the thunder had set off the alarm.  By the time my across-the-room alarm sounded and I was out of bed the storm had past, all the fun was over, but the sky to the east still looked cool with the receding storm clouds and the rising sun behind them.

I had a brainstorm yesterday while I was digging the last of the loose dirt and rocks out of the window well.  I was thinking I could put my knitting bag in the car and drive up to The Clearing to sit in the Lodge and knit with KS while she spends the afternoon waiting for students to arrive, but then I remembered that Spanky's supposed to come to install our range hood and stainless steel sink and Durwood can't really help him if he needs help so I guess I'm not going to get to go.  But I'm also not forgetting the idea.  There'll be other Saturdays; she sits there EVERY Saturday so I can go on a Saturday, or maybe two, up to the end of October.  Good plan, don't you think?  (oh crap, I thought I could go next Saturday but we have a wedding to go to and it's one we can't blow off.  the next week maybe? I'll get there, this is too good an idea to let die.)

August 21--Indonesia, Penji Banner.  Everything was fluid and wavy in her dream.  Anita tossed her arms up and out of the covers and woke herself up.  Her skin felt prickly and crawling with dream lizards with wavy arms and sharp claws that ran up her body tickling her with their toes.  The dream was so real that she had to get out of bed and fling the covers back to make sure there weren't any gold-beaded lizards in her bed.  While she was up she padded into the kitchen to make sure that the fire hadn't gone completely out.  Her cabin in the north woods was halfway around the world from the little Indonesian island where the beaded lizards lived and where Trevor had taken her innocence and left only heartache.

Now the sun is out and I'm sure the humidity is rising.  I'll be glad to be in the nice cool dive shop, although I did promise to run the compressor today... oh well, I can hear things in my next life and it'll cool off eventually.  Gotta check to see if the tank I dropped off is ready at Van's.  Toodle-oo.

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Aunt B said...

I love your renters -- even though I don't even know them. Do they know that by handing over that money order they were paying for your vacation -- as well as their half of the duplex??? They sound like nice people.