Thursday, November 8, 2012

Under A Planetary Cloud

How are you doing?  I'm okay.  No, I'm not really, I hear that Mercury is in retrograde and the astronomical anomaly has totally bollixed up my mojo.  I knit or crochet and don't seem to get anywhere.  I did manage to unearth a 3/8" button from Mother Malcolm's reclaimed buttons the other day that I sewed onto the third of the teeny tiny keyring purses and I cast on #4 in yarn that has a sparkly thread in it.  I opted not to make the fourth of the patterns because it asks you to make a bottom and then pick up stitches all around.  People, these purses call for use of US1 needles, there is no freakin' way I am going to be picking up stitches on something that small, plus it requires 9" of 2-stitch I-cord and there is no freakin' way I'm doing that  I'm back to the first pattern, the one that's just the size to tuck your car remote key into.  It's the right thing to do, even if the beginning of them using that spiderweb-ish fingering yarn on those toothpick-sized double point needles is a royal pain in the keester.

The second crocheted he-man chemo hat looks more like a hot pad than a hat at this point.  I need to put on a few rows so that it starts to look hat-like.  I'll be working on that today while fending off the hordes of customers that regularly darken the store's door.  Not.

*edited to add: it's growing way too big; I'm taking it to the frog pond, I'll start over with a different pattern*

The first of the knitted hats is still in the works.  I wish I knitted faster but there it is.  I've plonked in a couple stripes of beach colored variegated yarn and have a couple inches to go before starting the crown decreases.  Maybe I'll manage to finish one or the other this weekend.

My knitting friend Mitch stopped by the dive shop and dropped off 2 hats he'd made.  Thanks, Mitch!

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