Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Not Much Yarn Stuff Gets Done When Your Wrist's Hurting

See, the week before last I crocheted and knitted almost non-stop through an unexpectedly long stretch of days off.  My left wrist doesn't like that and it's not shy about letting me know it.  I've been trying to avoid knitting the last few days.  It's hard.  I keep finding new things I want to make and keep looking at the Works In Progress (WIPs) that lay there calling my name.  I decided on Monday that garter stitch (all knitting, all the time) would be easier on my wrist that a project needing both knitting & purling or a crochet project (that's the real offender, that crocheting action) so I took my Maple Tree Scarf to work with me to catch up.  Everything was going well until it occurred to me that we had snow on Saturday night and I didn't have any snow colored yarn with me.  Dang.  I unearthed a smidgeon of white yarn when I got home and caught up, and I knitted yesterday's rows before bed last night.  Look how big the roll of scarf is.  I don't think any of us is ready for this but... 5 weeks from yesterday is New Year's Day when the scarf will be done.  Holy Jeebus.  That also means that 4 weeks from yesterday is Christmas Day.  (i need to lie down)

Monday afternoon was very long at work with no knitting and only an audiobook to keep me awake and not even my Kindle to play games on.  I'm ready today.  I've got the Kindle, my mp3 player with 2 audiobook novels and 3 projects in my bag.  Easy ones, cross my heart.  Okay, maybe one is a crochet project but I promise not to bear down on it trying to finish it today; I don't need it to be finished for 2 weeks.  Cross my heart. 

I gave in and cast on a scarf last night.  Hey, it's with super bulky yarn on size US19 needles; it won't take long, and... look how pretty!

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