Monday, November 19, 2012

I Give Up

Four times now I've tried to crochet the Zac Brown Band beanie--and failed miserably.  They've either been coneheaded or flat.  Grrr.  Now I can crochet the bejeebers out of my old standby hat pattern which is very like the Zac Brown beanie... I DON'T GET IT.  Sorry, I'm that frustrated by the whole thing.  I sat down on the couch around 4 PM yesterday, frogged my latest ZBB attempt, wound the yarn up willy-nilly, and got a standby hat started.  And finished before 10:30 PM., with a break for supper and an orange and kitchen cleanup (sometimes Durwood lets me if there's football on).

On Saturday I sat watching TV with Durwood after supper and finished the Hyperbolic Pseudosphere.  I love it.  I made it around what I'd decided would be the last round (I did 4-5 rnds single crochet, one half-double crochet, and wanted to end with one double-crochet) with only 18" of yarn left over.  Whew.  It was a good thing I stuck a marker in the first stitch of that last round because I would have given up in exhaustion halfway around just because it was so FAR around once that last time.  I had read notes of a few of the people who made it before saying that they hesitated to use it as a shower puff because it was sooooo thick it'd never dry so that's when I decided to single crochet my way out from the center a bit and then put progressively taller and not as dense stitches on.  This is really a pattern you can use as a jumping off point.  I'm tempted to use it as my Bay Lakes Knitting Guild washcloth exchange, or one like it.  It amuses me and takes no time to make.  Crochet's kind of like knitting, I think it'd pass muster.  Besides look how cool-looking it is.  People will fight over it.  I'm doing it.  (do you think that'll be okay? god, i'm such a weenie.)

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Aunt B said...

Yes, I would definitely fight over it. Well, not really come to blows, but you know what I mean!!