Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lazy Sunday

 There's no football game in town today.  In fact the Packers don't have to play this week so I assume Durwood will be watching other teams play and still arguing with the refs and being disgusted with bad plays.  I'll be baking chocolate covered cherry cupcakes because today is DS's 34th birthday and he and his bride, DIL1, are coming for supper tomorrow (they had a previous offer today).  Durwood will be making the Chicken Cacciatore that he's made a few times that I can't get enough of, he'll saute some zucchini when I get home from work and they arrive, and I picked up 2 bags o'salad (2/$3) at Woodman's.  Durwood just finished grating the 3# of Parmesan cheese we bought so there'll be yummy fresh cheese to sprinkle on the chicken and veggies.  Up until just now the sun was shining and it was about 65 degrees.  All of a sudden it's cloudy and windy and I'll bet that the temp has dropped.  Let me go check... yep, down five degrees in the last half hour.  Tsk.  Up, down, cold, warm, cold... this yo-yo weather drives me nuts.  Jacket, no jacket, short sleeve, long sleeve... make up your mind.  It should stay warm-ish (low to mid-60s in the day) until December 15th, turn cold and snow so we have a white Christmas, then warm up after New Year's back into the 60s until, oh, Easter when it hits 70 on a sunny day, then improves from there.  Although I'm kind of hoping we have a snowier than usual winter so the farmers have a better year and the Bay fills back up some, it's really low.  Evidently I can't make up my mind either.  Ah well.  I do want to sit and knit this afternoon and finish the knitted chemo hat I'm making and get closer to being done with a few other projects.  Maybe there'll be a good movie on... no, wait, there's a Firefly  marathon on the SciFi channel leading up to a 10 year anniversary special at 9 o'clock tonight.  Browncoats unite!  I never watched it when it was on Fox (along with just about everyone else; it only lasted through 12 episodes and one mediocre wrap-up movie) but someone (DD, maybe?) told me about it, I found it on Netflix, and watched each and every episode (more than once), you should watch, it's dorky but good.  Very dystopian and Hunger Games-ish.  Who doesn't like a good rebellion?  Hey, we're Americans, we were born of rebellion and haven't lost the urge.  Today's Photo a Day theme is "night."  I have trouble taking night pictures that look like night; my camera wants to add in light to make it better.  Tsk.  But I keep trying.  Well, the warm is definitely over, it just started raining big fat drops.  *sigh*  Welcome to Autumn.

November 11--Spain, Lion Passant.  "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight..."  I love that song but lions don't live in jungles.  Lions live on the savanna, on the open plains with acacia trees and a few scrubby bushes.  But I hear that song in those falsetto voices with that rhythmic back beat and logic flies right out the window.  Where was I?  Oh, lions.  I think of lions and hear the memory of the Mesker Park lions roaring to be fed.  I hear their echoing calls ricochet down the hill in the humid morning air.  I remember the sounds Grandma and Grandpa made in the kitchen, having coffee and talking.  Yes, I like lions.

I'm outta here.  Time to make myself an extra-cheesy grilled cheese on Italian bread for lunch (with a prunes chaser perhaps) and then make some cupcakes.  There may have to be some quality control testing later...  Any volunteers?
--Barbara Sue

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