Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Can't Live Without Cheese

The Photo a Day theme today is "can't (won't) live without" and it didn't take me long to realize that (after Durwood, DS & DD of course) I can't live without cheese.  CHEESE, I love it in nearly all its forms.  Except for those disgusting plastic-wrapped squares of what they call American cheese and cans of aerosol cheese, I can't think of any of the common cheeses that I would refuse a taste of.  Durwood and I drove 32 miles up Hwy. 41 to Lena where Kugel's Cheese Mart is.  When Durwood was still traveling he'd stop there on his way home from Iron Mountain and come in the back door with a brown paper bag filled with white-paper wrapped blocks of cheese--Parmesan, smoked Gouda, and Muenster.  For all our married life the only Parmesan cheese we've eaten has been grated blocks of Kugel's cheese.  It is worth every penny and every minute of time spent feeding chunks into the electric grater attachment of the Kitchen Aid mixer for the nutty flavor of it on all sorts of dishes.  Today we got American Grana, a Parmesan-type cheese that's made in the USA, a pound of Gouda, and a little bit of onion cheese, a mild white creamy cheese kind of like Monterey jack with onion flecks in it.  Guess who's having a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch tomorrow.  That'd be yours truly.  Hey, the sun's out.  It has been gray and dreary and chilly and damp for the last week or so.  It was gray and misty on our trip to Lena and back.  Now that we're home after stops at Walmart and Festival (we stop at more than one grocery depending on prevailing prices, don't you?) it's over 50 degrees and sunny.  I'm going to go get my nails done and roll the window down on the car to enjoy it because on Monday the high and low temperatures are supposed to be 33 degrees.  Could you die?  Maybe I'll take the long way so I can drive around with the window down longer.  I'm hoping it stays nice-ish because we've got a ribeye steak that needs to be grilled and eaten (oh, what a shame) and that's going to happen tomorrow, yes it is, and I'd rather grill out when it isn't raining, but I'll do it if I have to.

November 10--Mary Cassatt, Portrait of the Artist.  White is cool to wear in the summer.  It doesn't hold the heat like black does and it goes with everything.  Well, so does black but black is for mourning and winter.  Claire wished she could wear something with an open neckline and shorter sleeves but white cotton was a real concession from Mama so she kept her wishes to herself.  Maybe she could get Ellen to help her make a shirtwaist that had a row of buttons down the front.  She could leave the house all buttoned up and that could change as she walked along.  She could imagine the relief opening a button or two would bring.

I cannot imagine wearing all the long-sleeved and high necked dresses plus all the under things that women used to wear, can you?  I'd suffocate or keel right over from the heat.  I'm off to get a manicure.  Ta-ta.

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