Friday, November 30, 2012

A Sister In Boredom

If you read Aunt B's comment on yesterday's post you'll see that the museum in NC where she volunteers is no busier than the dive shop.  (I had a grand total of 1 customer who spent less than $30 yesterday *sigh*)  I hope that you can take a book or a bit of embroidery or SOMETHING to while away the idle hours, Aunt B, you can only tidy the shelves so many times.  I'd die without my audiobooks and projects.  Hmm, I think I'll take a cutting board and bale of fabrics to cut out all of the things I want to sew for Christmas with me next week.  (How smart you are, Barbara Sue)  It's much easier to sew a pile of things if you've got them all cut out and waiting.  I have all of the Project #1 parts cut & pinned and the notions gathered in a little bowl for making--zip, zip, zoom--on this freezing drizzly day.  I also went online yesterday and signed up to ring the bell for a Salvation Army kettle next Friday.  You can sign up for an hour at a time, and this kettle's in a grocery store foyer so it should be pretty busy and not too cold.  Better dig out the Christmas Tree hat Mom gave me, I'll wear my red jacket, it'll be great fun.  I read that the donations, like, quintuple if there's someone ringing the bell.  I can be cheerful and Merry Christmas-y for an hour, I know I can.  I also submitted an application to volunteer at the NEW Zoo.  They need people to do the grunt work but also to lead tours, observe and record animal behaviors, and man the GIRAFFE stand selling crackers or browse for people to feed them.  That's right, I could get to be the giraffe's BFF.  I might have to work my way up to that but you know that's my goal.  I already could spend all of my allowance out there feeding them, and I wouldn't be afraid to elbow kids and grannies out of my way.  No sirree.  (Hmm, Christmas gift idea--a Zoo membership [they're kind of expensive @ $45, I think]... nah, forget it, that's too expensive and not homemade which is what I always hope for; besides, I'd rather spend a day or two or five with my kids and their spouses than have ten store-bought gifts.  I just had a brainstorm--if I get a cash holiday gift from Mr & Mrs Boss I'll use it for a membership. Brilliant!)  I said on my application that I'd like to work outside the best and I have to wait to take the next volunteer orientation, probably in January, then I'll know more.  Thanks for the idea, DS.  Hey, today's Photo a Day theme is "on the wall" (told you I was trying to get back on track) so I snapped a view of the wall behind the front door where I've hung the watercolors I painted at a weekend class I took up at The Clearing when I was doing a bit of novel research.  They're not great so behind the door's the perfect place for them.  I'm too Germanic and rules oriented for watercolors, plus I don't really have any artistic talent.  My talents lie in other directions.

November 30--Jacometto, A Woman, Possibly a Nun of San Secondo.  That is so not a nun.  Her hair shows at her temple and her dress is off her shoulder.  There are no nuns with off-the-shoulder habits.  No way.  And who is San Secondo?  The Second Saint?  Second on whose list?  I think they made that up.

Wow, talk about not inspired.  I'm glad that's all I wrote and I'll bet you are too.  I'm staying indoors today sewing on presents, it's just too crappy to go out.  Happy last day of November.  Good grief.

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Aunt B said...

Thanks for commiserating with me and I do take a book to the museum. Right now I'm wading through THE CASUAL VACANCY - J.K. Rowlings latest. Never could get into the Harry Potters but this one has finally taken hold. Took a while. Lots of characters -- but good. Love your plan to volunteer at the zoo!