Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Did You Vote?

If you didn't you need to go right now.  I'll wait...  Okay.  I think of casting my ballot as one small way of getting those finger-pointing loudmouths off my phone and television.  I've said all along that I don't care who you vote for, only that you do vote.  That's all I'm saying about that.  Sorry I didn't post yesterday.  I had posted so late on Sunday night that I really didn't have anything to say so I didn't.  It felt funny not posting though, like I missed brushing my teeth or putting on deodorant.  Today's Photo a Day theme is "a favourite thing" and one of my favorite things lately is my Kindle Fire.  It's where a lot of my books live now (some of them talk to me) and I can play a few games on it (they call them apps, you know) and it has a lot of photos on it that I can show off to random people at the drop of a hat.  It was deader than a doornail at work yesterday.  I had all of one paying customer and one corporate customer whose employer we bill, so I got a good start on trying out a new beanie pattern for a men's chemo cap.  I'd forgotten how many more wrist movements I make when I crochet, plus how if you use a smaller hook it takes longer to get anywhere.  (duh)  This morning after voting I went in search of a shingles vaccine shot.  They don't keep them on hand at my doc's clinic so she gave me an Rx so I could go find my own.  I tried CVS but a lady in the flu shot line said they didn't have it, she'd already asked.  Then I went to the Walgreen's nearest our house and they were closed because their system was down.  So off I went down Oneida St. to the one on the corner of Cormier St.; their system was down too but they were doing business anyway, just not taking credit or debit cards.  Bet those closed Walgreen's folks are going to get an earful about locking the doors.  That Walgreen's had the vaccine so I filled out a bunch of forms and got my shot.  It didn't hurt as much as the flu shot did (smaller needle) but my arm still feels funny which shouldn't surprise me since they shot live virus into me.  Eek.  I've been trying to get Robert our GPS to update but it keeps timing out.  I called TomTom and she said that it's probably because I'm using a wireless Internet but I don't know how to hook my laptop up to the modem.  I've got a call into the fixit guys I usually use but  they haven't called back yet and I'm not their customer anymore so maybe they'll be less helpful, although I can't imagine that they would be since they're local and really really nice.  I'm not doing well at all at NaNoWriMo.  I started slow, then for a day I was on track, and I've done no writing the last couple days.  I'm not sure why but I suspect that this isn't a good year for me to write a new novel.  Maybe I'll drag out my next oldest manuscript and get started retyping it.  I've been working on adding scenes where it needs it, now it's time for me to bite the bullet and re-key the whole thing from "once upon a time" to "and they all lived happily ever after."  I'll think about it.  There's plenty of November left.

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