Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm Confused...

... even more than normal, I mean.  Usually I have Tuesday off and work on Wednesday but not this week.  This week I work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday AND Saturday, and have Wednesday and Sunday off.  *pant, pant*  I'm adrift in a sea of "what day is this?"  Durwood's no help; he rarely knows what day it is because all his days are pretty much the same, so I have to rely on my page-a-day calendar and the newspaper to tell me what day it is.  *sigh*  I used to be more on top of things.  Didn't you?  I remembered all kinds of stuff, names and dates and facts and jokes--I remembered jokes!  Now I forget them before I get to the punchline, not that I hear many jokes anymore, I barely see anyone beside Durwood and a few random knitters on Friday night, and they don't tell me jokes.  Do people even tell jokes anymore?  God, I'm so out of it I could cry.  But I won't, it'll dampen my keyboard.  Moving on.  I finished that men's chemo hat I've been battling since the weekend.  I tried a few other patterns, three to be exact, to no avail.  I'd get started, make a little progress, decide that it wasn't right (too big, too small, just wrong), so then I'd frog it (rip it, rip it--say that fast and you'll understand) and start over.  For the fourth attempt I went back to my old standby pattern using a one-size smaller hook.  Success!  I finished it at work yesterday, so that's what you're getting for a Photo a Day today since the theme's "man-made" (I know I'm not a man, I'm going with the generic use of the term) and I haven't got anything else.  I think I'm in a slump and I'm blaming the lack of sunshine lately.  That's what I'm telling myself anyway.  Don't you worry, I'll claw my way back to my normal happy, optimistic self in no time.  I had a customer yesterday.  One.  And he'd even prepaid so all I got to do was take his "on account" money and put it into the "paid" column.  *sigh*  I'm so much better than that.  If you need some dive gear, will you please come in and buy it from me tomorrow?  Please?  Even if all you need is a mask or fin strap, I need the distraction.  Stupid economy.

November 14--Edouard Manet, Boating.  It was cooler out on the water away from the crowds and the buildings that seemed to multiply the heat.  At first Cecilia was reluctant to accept Henry's invitation but he was persuasive.  He assured her that he would take good care of her--and it was hot.  So there she sat in his tippy little boat much closer to the water than she imagined she would be.  When she shifted position trying to get more comfortable on the wooden seat the boat listed to one side or the other.  Henry laughed at her squeaks and squeals but stopped when she threatened to knock his beloved straw hat into the sea.

Meh.  I wasn't thrilled with it last night and I'm still not today.  Ah, well, I'm off.  It's my day off, maybe I'll just fritter it away.
--Barbara Sue

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