Thursday, November 15, 2012

I See Blue Sky!

Yes, I do, right outside my window.  Hip-hip-hooray!  I feel so much better, happier when it's sunny out than when it's gray and cloudy.  Unfortunately gray and cloudy is how it usually is around here in the winter.  Bah.  I tried to goof off and lay around in my jammies all day yesterday but I had to get dressed around noon.  I just couldn't stand it, also my feet and legs were cold, so I put on real socks (they were even white cotton ones, matching ones, I'm sorry to say, I don't have nearly as many non-matching winter socks as I do summer ones, I should cast another one on, shouldn't I?) and jeans and my Copper Harbor hoodie because it's soft and snuggly.  I almost didn't buy it when we were up in the UP last year and I'm so glad I did, it's the one souvenir from that trip that I use all the time and it reminds me of how much fun we had whenever I wear it.  Plus it was on closeout.  Perfect.  I did finally get the first chemo hat I cast on finished which was my goal for yesterday, so I cast on another one after supper.  I'm on a roll.  See?  It's chilly out now so I want to sit making warm things.  I should have gone out for a walk.  I'd feel better today if I'd walked yesterday, and now it's too late to go out and walk before work today, and I know I won't go out after supper because it'll be dark although what difference that makes I do not know.  Maybe I'll crank up the Wii and do a little yoga after supper...  I need to dig down and find the oomph to get my flab back in motion.  Eating badly and not moving is a recipe for disaster, people.  Dis. Aster.  And lately I'm the poster child for it.  I rediscovered Desert Island Discs podcast the other day when I was clearing out files on my iPod so I spent some of yesterday listening while I knitted.  Since 1942 they've interviewed public figures--popular, political, musical, American, British--about what 7 pieces of music they'd take with them on a desert island which gives an added depth to what is a basic interview, and I love listening to them.  Well, some of them, the ones that I know mostly, but some that I don't, and I'm surprised at how interesting people are, and how limited my world scope is, especially about British politicians and titans of industry.  Yesterday I listened to J.K. Rowling from 2000 and Liberace from 1960, both very interesting in their own ways.  Dorky, I know, but interesting.

November 15--Central Asia, Seated Female.  Shun sat with her back to the tumbled golden red boulders that shielded her from the icy wind blowing down from the steppes.  She had her carving tools and smoothing stones laid out on a scrap of hide and was focused on scribing a pattern of lines on the soft gray stone.  Juga told her that only men carved but she meant to prove him wrong.  He knew that she was better than he was at planning a design and his big hands were too clumsy for fine work.  As much as Juga wanted to make carvings he was going to have to face the fact that he was a better hunter.  Soon the elders would want to see him working and the fact that the carvings he said he'd made were actually made by Shun would be discovered.

Okay.  Durwood just called that it's 8 o'clock so I'd better go clean up, shower and brush, you know that stuff, so I can go to work and not offend, just in case an actual, live human comes in to buy something.  As if.

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Aunt B said...

Yesterday was my turn to just sit with NO CUSTOMERS!!! Did my monthly stint at the local historical museum gift shop. Lots of kids in there but apparently they weren't allowed to buy a souvenir. Oh well, I passed the time reading an old magazine. Yes, we are easily amused!