Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Sun Moved

I know this because it comes up in the front yard now instead of the back.  All summer long and into autumn I could stand on the step out the patio doors and snap a sunrise picture.  Now all I get is blank sky with the sun off to the right (south).  If I go out the front door there's not enough sky, there're too many houses in the way.  I know the earth didn't move because I didn't feel it.  The sun must have shifted.  Who ordered that?  Surely not me.  When I got home from work last night there was a the giant full moon (Tree Moon) shining through the clouds.  I could see Venus off to the side but it didn't show up in the picture, although you can see a tree if you look closely.  And when I opened the shade this morning there that same moon was on its way to setting.  Man, if I had sky and ocean to watch I'd never get anything done.  I was a good girl last night and hopped on the stationary bike after supper for a 30 minute ride.  It felt great.  However this morning I have a raging case of bicycle butt.  Ow.  Perhaps I should have built up to it?  Nah.  Although, I hopped on the scale this morning (well, the Wii "scale" thing) and by not really changing what I ate but pedaling that 6 miles, my weight changed.  Now I know that it's not a true indicator from day to day, I have to record it once a week and then compare, but it reinforces getting up and DOING something instead of sitting around with a brutz on (pouting).  But I feel better about myself today.  Thanks for your support.  I had two actual customers yesterday, paying ones, and they didn't come in together.  One even paid cash.  I hardly remembered how to deal with it, but I managed.  One of my Cyber Monday buys arrived yesterday already and I didn't even pay extra for it.  That's fast!  Durwood says we didn't win one penny in the big Powerball drawing last night.  Did you?  Did you play?  We had 5 tickets, so that's ten bucks down the chute.  Oh well, can't win if you don't play and it was just too big a jackpot to resist.  I assured Mr. Boss yesterday that I wouldn't quit my job if I won.  Now that's off the table.  Maybe next time.

November 29--Nigeria, Court of Benin, Edo Peoples, Hip Ornament, Portuguese Face.  Gaia reached to pick up the brass face.  She ran her fingers over the straight nose and coiled braids appreciating the craftsmanship and the smooth feel of the metal where so many fingers had rubbed before her.  She loved searching the dim corners of junk shops and antique stores.  She dreamed of finding a treasure, some undiscovered masterpiece or a piece of diamond and platinum jewelry in a box of costume.  She had a pretty good eye and she liked this Nigerian ornament.  It's probably not worth much, she thought, but it'll look good on my wall.  Then her fingers felt something crusty on the edge and she saw the blood pooled on the floor.

That's not good.  Can you say "murder weapon"?  Time for breakfast and dressing for work.  The sun's shining and making me feel good.  I'm smiling.

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Aunt B said...

Murder even before breakfast! That'll get you going for sure. My 3 hours at the museum yesterday = 1 customer = $4 sale! Oh well, at least I can say I volunteered.