Monday, November 5, 2012

There's White Stuff Falling Out There

Durwood and I had an appointment with our financial advisor this morning early and when I left the building to come to work there were white specks of some sort of precipitation falling from the sky.  Snow-ish sort of stuff.  Yikes.  I'm not psychologically ready for snow although we did get the tuned-up snowblower back from the fixit shop on Thursday so we're good to go when the flakes really do fly.  (better get gas)

I went along with Durwood for another radiology appointment on Friday (don't they have enough pictures of his insides yet? they take a new one every 6 month) and noticed for the first time that they've got a wicker trunk full of chemo caps for women and a small box of ball caps for men.  Nothing warm and soft for a newly bald man's head, so I put out a call to the board members of Bay Lakes Knitting Guild right away, I plan to put it on the BLKG blog today, and now I'm telling you.  I'm guessing that it's the same all over, everyone makes cute knitted and crocheted caps for women and the men are out of luck.  I understand that  some men choose to shave their heads (DS included) as a fashion statement so a man who has lost his hair during chemo doesn't stand out like a woman in the same boat does, but those caps are also a symbol of caring and hope and support.  Men might pretend to be he-men but they do have feelings (I know they do, I've seen it) and the disparity between the sexes couldn't be more obvious.  I'm asking all knitters and crocheters out there to do what guild member, Andy's doing and work up your leftover balls of yarn into a few caps for men.  Swing by your local oncology clinic or wherever they're needed (like a VA hospital where nearly all the cancer patients are men) and spread a little yarn-y love.  My plan is to have one always OTN (on the needles) or OTH (on the hook) so that when I need a little break, a little instant project gratification, I can work on a hat and therefore have a tidy pile that I can deliver once a month. 

Think about this; making a few he-man chemo caps could be the one good deed that springs your soul from Purgatory and ushers it right through the Pearly Gates when the time comes... I'm just saying.

Lastly how about a gratuitous cute grand-dog picture.  Here's Porter bored with all the football games and no one taking her outside to play.

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