Thursday, November 8, 2012

Something You Do Everyday

That's today's Photo a Day theme.  And I clicked to a blog yesterday that made me realize that I just take snapshots, not photographs.  Sheesh, after looking at this guy's stuff I may just use my camera as a wheel chock from now on.  Actually, no, I'm going to keep taking snaps since I've always seen them as a way to chronicle my life and surroundings, I'm just not going to pretend to be a photographer even to myself.  It's hard to come to terms with mediocrity when you're as swell as I am.  So today's photo is where I am right now; at the laptop blogging and transcribing last night's prompt writing.  I learned the other day in my horoscope that Mercury, my ruling planet, will be in retrograde and, boy howdy, is it ever.  (that means that it looks like the planet's backing up instead of moving forward, it isn't really but it has a negative effect on us Virgos especially, we're delicate)  I can't remember when I've been this draggy and uninspired.  Usually I can claw my way back to at least a semblance of interest in my surroundings and what's going on around me but right now I could give a hoot.  It doesn't help that it's been dreary to the max for the last 4 or 5 days either.  Well, I spoke too soon in the matter of shingles shot side effects.  I got 'em.  There's a small tennis ball, well, maybe a ping pong ball size lump in my arm.  It's a little tender and kinda warm.  Last night when I was getting comfy before sleep I realized that I've got random achiness going on.  I'm sure it'll all be behind me in a day or two but right now I'm more than a little annoyed by it.  I always hope to escape side effects and I never do.  I'm never one of those people who airily say, "nope, didn't bother me one bit" or maybe my memory's too good so I remember and they forget.  Anyway, the aches and sore arm don't contribute to having a sunny outlook.  I told Durwood the other day that I really wish we could teleport ourselves back into his too-big minivan with the back all filled with our stuff and be driving across the Great Plains to adventure again.  I want a do-over.  I want to shuck all the grownup responsibilities and go back to being free to wander.  Of course, we'd end up broke and probably snowbound because we've got a limited amount of money and it's supposed to start snowing out west today--and probably not end until May in some places.  Eesh.  Maybe it's good we're staying home.... but I don't wanna!

November 8--Brassai, Lovers in a Small Cafe in the Italian Quarter.  They made their own world there in the booth.  Everyone knew that the Lido cafe was where you could find a bit of privacy in the hubbub of the city.  Bernard and Chloe met there every Wednesday afternoon.  The maitre d' knew them and kept their favorite booth available for them so that they spent no more time than the moment it took to walk from the bright street to the dim corner under the mirror.  Chloe would arrive first.  She patted her hair and smoothed her dress with fingers that trembled with anticipation.  She fussed with her glass of tea and moved her pack of Gitanes back and forth on the smooth table surface.  When he arrived Bernard slid into the seat crushing her to him, making her gasp with the strength of his embrace.

Somedays I wish I had a lover to meet in some out of the way place just for the thrill of it and then I remember that I suck at keeping secrets and no one could ever be a better lover for me than my Durwood.  I was sure lucky to meet him that night on stage.  Despite my random weirdness I really do appreciate you, Dear.  Hey, I'm off to keep the world safe from scuba diving again today.  I almost managed to repel all customers yesterday but one snuck in when I was finishing up my lunch.  I'll try to do better today, and tonight I'll be staying late for a first aid class.  It's past time to re-up.  Adios.
--Barbara Sue

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Aunt B said...

Glad you explained that Mercury retrograde stuff. Are we really ruled by the planets??? Something to ponder. But maybe you just have what I had all last month -- "seasonal depression." Who knows?? We do know, however, that this too will pass away. XXXXX