Monday, November 19, 2012

Something Awesome

That's today's Photo a Day theme and I'm a little stumped.  I thought about using one of the sunrise or sunset photos I've taken lately or maybe one of Durwood (who is among the world's top ten awesome husbands), or one of my awesome kids, but I think I'm going to go with this "hasn't been raining" rainbow from a couple weeks ago.  (It's too early in the day for something awesome to have happened yet and besides I don't think "awesome" just pops up hither and thither.  Do you?  No, you don't think so either, I can tell.)  I chose this one because I was having a crap day, came home from work, looked out the patio doors at the nearly sunset sky, and saw this rainbow.  Not a pale, wimpy one either but a vivid, strong one that stuck around long enough for me to take a bunch of pictures and for DS to see when he left work to ride his bike home.  I kind of wish that I lived where I could ride my bike to work when it's nice outside.  Since I have to cross the river I'd have to detour to a different, more bike-hospitable bridge and to be honest I'm just not enough of a morning person to adjust my leaving time.  I think I'd like to bike to work but I know that I'd do it once, maybe twice, and then go back to driving.  I have excellent sweat glands so I'd be dripping by the time I got there and then be self-conscious the rest of the day that I smelled.  (Not that I have customers, not right now, but in the summer when it'd be nice enough to bike, I do.)  Maybe if I lived closer to work.  Maybe if my city wasn't hacked up by random rivers that make all the traffic funnel onto a few bridges, some of them not bike-friendly, namely the main one between my house and my job.   Ah well, I guess it isn't to be.  (saved!)  Today Mr. & Mrs. Boss come back from the trade show and today I get to cash my big, fat paycheck from last week.  Squee!  This is when all that boredom-suffering pays off.  Pays, get it?  He he he.  Except that this week's Thanksgiving week so I work one fewer day so next week's paycheck will be smaller.  (see? it all balances out, remember that when things seem hopeless, okay?)  Ah well.

November 19--Raphael, Madonna and Child with the Infant John the Baptist.  John was never quite right.  He ranted about salvation and being washed of sin from the time he first talked.  He had no fear and no reticence about talking to anyone.  He would stop random people to quiz them about their sins and demand that they repent.  His mother prayed about him and his dad tried to beat him into silence.  Neither approach had the slightest effect.  Only Isaac could shut him up, could tease him into having a bit of perspective about other people and their behavior.

Let me just say I'm glad I'm done with that particular piece of art.  Okay.  Time for showering and eating and all that other morning busy-ness.  See you.  Or not.


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Bob said...

Blabbermouth John. Beautiful. More please.