Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In The Fog

No, really, it's pretty darned foggy out there this morning.  Makes it look all spooky and chilly too.  This is one of those days that makes me want to hunker down with an afghan, a pot of hot tea, and a good book or movie.  So, did your guy win?  One of mine did, I'm not saying which one, but one, well, two really of the candidates I made my mark for (I don't count the VPs or uncontested races) still have a job today.  That's not bad, I'm always just glad that I paid attention to the future and went out to cast a vote.  It makes me feel part of a much bigger world and also lucky that we can go to the polling place without fear to take part in such a momentous action.  Good job, us!  I went out to trim the raspberry canes back to the ground, or near to it anyway, and was about a third of the way down the line when I heard the growl of the stick truck on the street.  Oh no.  I glanced between the houses and saw that it was the little loader/gatherer shoving the leaves and trimmings out into the street for the truck to come pick up.  Whew.  That gave me a little time so I ramped up my trimming speed a bit (thank god for thick gloves) and got the tarp-full out there in time for the stick truck to come around and scoop them up.  Now I think I'm ready for the winter to come.  *sigh*  I guess.  If it has to.  And you know it does.  Today's Photo a Day theme is "reflection" so I went out onto the patio so that the leafless apple tree is reflected in the still birdbath.  I like it.  And I like that little apple peeking in the upper right corner.  If I'd have had my wits more about me I'd have moved it closer into the frame but, hey, it was before 7 AM so I wasn't nearly awake.  I went and got my shingles shot yesterday and already my arm has stopped hurting.  I'm such a baby about this stuff, I was all ready to be sore for days (like I am with the flu shot) and to have all sorts of random aches but evidently I won't.  Yay.  My library has a new way to borrow digital media but it didn't seem to like my iPod and wouldn't even talk to my Kindle.  I was quietly frustrated that I couldn't figure out how to use it and was ready to call DS for help but this morning I noticed my old Sony Walkman on the shelf and plugged that in.  It's working!  Hooray!  Now I'll have 3 different doodads full of stories for me to listen to.  I freakin' love my audiobooks.  Love them.  And, look, I wrote a prompt last night.  Go me!

November 7--Salvador Dali & Gilbert Adrian, Dress.  The rayon felt cool against her skin.  Laine liked the way it slipped and swayed as she moved but wondered what Adrian had been thinking  when he asked that Spanish madman to design the fabric.  She loved the gray and black rocks with their long shadows but the pink boulders confused her.  Once she really looked at it she noticed the faces on them, the lips and eyeballs too.  Then she felt uneasy in the soft garment.  Every movement brought the thought of fingers trailing over her skin making her shiver even on such a warm day.

A-a-a-a-and that's creepy, isn't it?  How'd you like to be wearing a dress, a designer dress no less, and be conscious of its movement like things touching you?  Eesh.  No, thanks.  Love the design of it, though.  Have a day.  I'll do my best.

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